Artwork Part III

I really like doing this artwork series so I think I will keep on doing it now and then. I already made two posts (obviously since this is part three) that you can find here and here. Again I will show some stuff from artists that have made album art for bands that I personally like. I wanted to start this part with Michael Whelan. Born in California Michael has made illustrations/paintings for a huge amount of science fiction books almost all of them in the scifi department. I came across him first while reading the epic scifi series Stormlight Archive by Brandon Sanderson where Micheal did the book cover, then I looked him up and saw he did the cover for one of my favourite metal albums ever, ‘Cause of Death’ by Obituary. He also did covers for Sepultura and Soulfly. (first picture is the albumcover of ‘Arise’ by Sepultura, second is albumcover of ‘Cause of Death’ by Obituary, third is albumart ‘of ‘Choas AD’ by Sepultura and two more artworks by Michael.) Be sure to check out his WEBSITE, INSTAGRAM, FB, Tumblr.

Next up is Phannapast Taychamaythakool, a Thai artist/illustrator that has done some amzing work with big names, she collaborate with Gucci for many projects including; GucciTian, The Fairy Tale book for Le Marche de Merveilles collection, Bloom Acqua di Fiori, DIY sneakers, and Gucci Art Wall in Soho, New York. I came across her work through one of my favourite bands, the Japanese psych collective Kikagaku Moyo. She did the artwork for the great album ‘Masana Temples’ wich was released in 2018. The first artwork is from that album, second picture from the DIY Gucci Campain, third is from the ‘Venus in the Shell’ exhibition and the fourth is from the ”WONDERCAPETOWN x Phannapast” series. The fifth picture is another one from here ‘Venus in the Shell Exhibition and the last one is an artwork from last year. Check out Phannapast her FB, Instagram and Website.

Now I want to show you some work of Tom Hazelmyer aka HAZE XXL. Tom is the founder of the legendary label Amphetamine Reptile that specialized in mostly noiserock. Tom is an printmaker/artists an maybe best known for his album covers, concert posters and linocuts. On the website SHOXOP you can find everything AMREP and also art/tshirts/buttons/zippos and way more. Here are some link to the music from the artwork and posters you can find beneath. First artwork is a touer poster with Napalm Death, Melvins and Melt-Banana. Second one is from Buildings, third one from Sea Whores and the fourth one the Melvins/flipper split.

Now I want to end this third part with the work of Brian Chippendale who you probably know as 50% of Lightning Bolt and 100% Black Pus and the recent collab with Ty Segall called Wasted Shirt. Both Black Pus and Lightning Bolt are known for their intense noiserocksound and the art that Brian makes does fit nicely with the music. So I wanted to share some stuff he made here. Be sure to check out his INSTA and website (where you can buy his artwork).

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