The Greek List

I have like a ton of lists about now, most of them are noise and psych lists about countries. So if you want to get to know some music you can check out the Japanese, Belgian, Canadian, Australian and French List. Also an African list by now. So I think it is about time to do a new one, this time about the country of Ouzo, Feta, Olives and Souvlaki! A list about Greece!

Now like all other lists this is a collection of psychedelic rock and noiserock that I like. I tried too stay as much as I could in those genres because Greece has also a very lively doom/stoner scene (like acid mammoth and 1000mods and stuff). So if you humans got any more psych/noise stuff you know about, please let me know. So let us start.


From Thessaloniki comes the psych band Naxatras and this is a band that is loved by every psychrockfan. Trippy spacerock from beginning to end, each release better then the next one. Perfect for every occasion.


Next up is a heavyweight, Krause is from Athens and has been destroying earholes since 2015. This band makes the most intense riff fueled noiserock. Best enjoyed very loud.

Holy Monitor

Back to softer and more trippy sounds. Holy Monitor also hails from Athens but makes accessible space/psych rock. On February 26,2021 they will release their new album ‘Southern Lights too!


The first time i heard Calf it bew me of my socks. Don’t know a lot of the band, they are from Karditsa and make the most brutal noiserock/posthardcore. Diehard fan here.

Dury Dava

very trippy stuff this band from Athens, filled with all kinds of influences, from Kraut to psych to Oriental and exotic sounds. A very fun and psychedelic listen.

Kooba Tercu

Kooba Tercu released their latest album ‘Proto Tekno’ on Rocket Recordings and it still plays a lot at my place. Tis experimental band fuses psych, noiserock and electronic music inro some gorgeous blend of krautlike trippy music.

Acid Baby Jesus

Vintage sounding psychpop from Athens, perfect to flush the noiserock for a while.

Blank Veins

From Thessaloniki comes the duo Blank Veins that I don’t know a lot about, only that they released a really good noiserock album ‘With The Ashes’ on Estranged Communications.

Aphrodite’s Child

A band that had some hits in the 70’s and I feel they shoudl be here on too. This is some gorgeous vintage progrock.


A trio from Thessaloniki that has a a live album and a split out with brutal math/noiserock.

Alien Mustangs

Alien Mustangs may be on of my favourite psych bands of the moment. Latest release was on little cloud records and cardinal fuzz and was really trippy. Organs, Kraut and psych vocals. A very good band.

Rita Mosss

Experimental noiserock Rita Mosss has not only a real cool sound but do have the most amazing artwork too.


Melodic noiserock/postpunk trio from Thessaloniki


Another golden one from long ago, Akritas made epic prog and psych in the seventies.


With only one release out yet Mammock sure does imptress with their intense noiserock sound. original and refreshing.

Living Under Drones

Post drone noiserock or whatever genre I don’t know, what I do know is that they have really long album and track names. Their last album ‘Our Convulsing Stomachs Swallowed Our Exhausted Selves: This Is the Manifestation of an Almost Pathological State of Terror’ is pretty damn great.


Also from Athens comes the hybrid psych/noise band $OFT $KULL. A gorgeous mix of heavy and trippy experimental sounds.


The Amazonian swamp monster Koonoopomana makes psychedelic garage with a surf vibe. very fun to listen too, Also from Athens.


This is new too me and Oh this is some absolutely gorgeous postpunk from the 80’s. Yell-O-Yell is from Athens and is my new favourite discovery.


This trio makes very heavy stuff, a mix between sludge/noiserock and harcore.


Lets end this list with some really great, dirty and heavy hardcore punk!

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