Territorial Gobbing returns! This time with his first release on Vinyl through Buzzhowl

Territorial Gobbin aka  Terry T Gerb has quite released quite a lot of stuff over the last years. If you should feel bored and you need your sinusses to be sonically cleansed then Terry is the man for you, his music is extremely experimental and mostly in your face noise (the good kind if there is even a bad kind). A while ago I was really happy to share the album stream of his co-release with BlackCloudSummoner called ‘Heavier Than A Desk In The Factory’ (obviously influenced by Les Reallizes Denudes).

But now we are here for a joyous moment, today is the surprise release of his new album ‘Automatic For Nobody’ wich is on a beautiful LP out on Buzzhowl Records. The album is something special (well what did you expect), it is filled with almost hypnotic sounds that bring you in a trance real fast and I can tell you this because I was listening and my eyes glazed over and my brain stopped working and the people who saw me looked really weird at me. But who cares about people right.

So, Territorial Gobbing’s album ‘Automatic For Nobody’ is out today via Buzzhowl with artwork by Theo Gowans. Get yerselves the LP now and fry you brain with some really weird tunes.



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