Mainliner release ‘Dual Myths’ on Riot Season Records

the legendary band Mainliner with original line up of Kawabata Makoto (motorpsycho guitar), Koji Shimura (drums) and Kawabe Taigen (bass/vocals) retuns after their album ‘Revelation Space’ in 2013. You probably know by now that I am an addict when it comes to Japanese noise and psych (you can check out my really really long list about all that stuff here) and Mainliner is somewhat one of my favourites. As expected all the tracks are about twinty minutes long and while a lot of music bores me when it is over eight minutes long, Mainliner does not. The album starts with ‘Blasphemy Hunter’ wich is an intense piece of heavy psych and doom with lots of wild guitar work mixed throughout the 20 minutes. The heavy repetitive riffs go perfect with the occult vocals creatic gorgeous space rock and the tracks ends with the obligatoire noisexplosion. ‘Hibernator’s Dream’ starts of with an eerie vibe, screeching guitars and lots of lovely feedback. Lots of experimental stuff on this trach that fits perfectly with the band. ‘Silver Guck’ is even more my cup of tea with the trippy vocals over the dense riffs that gives it an occult feeling. The album ends with the track ‘Dunamist Zero’ wich is again addictive trippy heavy psych. On this very long awaited new record Mainliner shows they are still at the top of their game. ‘Dual Myths’ is a true feast for the heavy psych/doom and noise fan. Buy it Now.



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