New Music by Fast Blood, MAbH, Aiden Baker and Stuart Chalmers / Distant Animals on Cruel nature Records

Cruel Nature Records is a gorgeous label, the stuff that oozes out of the holes of the label is always something special and I really like all the different kind of bands and experimental projects they have. I have shared a lot of the bands on the label and I check out each and every one and sometimes it broadens my view of the stuff I like. Now it seems like thay are really ready for 2021 becaus e they have already released some great stuff and now they have for new upcoming released. In this post I wanted to share them for you, so take your time and tune in.

Fast Blood

Newcastle-upon-Tyne rockers Fast Blood released their first track called ‘You’ from their upcoming same titled EP. The punk track has a great melody, is an instant sing along and shows some expert songwriting from the band. The EP will be out on March 5.

MAbH (Mortuus Auris & the Black Hand)

Peter Taylor aka MabH has been making tons of music since 2008 and now he is going to release an new album called ‘Look Under’ on Cruel Nature on March 5. The first released track is called ‘The Breaking Ground’ and is a calming piece of ambient.

Aiden Baker

I have no idea how many projects, bands, albums or others stuff Aiden Baker has released, all iI know is that I have listen to a lot of his work for a long time and each time it is something complete different. This time the first track ‘Dance of the Entartet’ is a guitar driven track with some psychedelic synths mixed through. Very nice stuff, now I am really curious to hear more from this upcoming album ‘Stimmt’. Also out March 5.

Stuart Chalmers / Distant Animals

A collaboration between two experimental sound artists! And what do you get? A very trippy experimental soundtrack. They are going to release their live album also on March 5. Tune in now.

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