Videopremiere Pink Room – Losing

This moment here right now is a very important moment in history. Forget about Covid, world war whatever, forget about Hedge Funds and Impeachments, forget about all that bullshit and let us come together for this important moment. Today we celebrate Pink Room, a band you all know and love and care for, their music has soothed our souls, brought us together and made us stronger. Their music has made us bigger Humans, better Humans, cuter Humans. And today I can announce with religious fever that Fuzzy Sun has the honor to premiere the video from the first track ‘Losing’ from the upcoming album by Pink Room. This first track shows a band that has grown over the years, their sound more powerful and more raw then before. Riffs, garagepunk and noise are all gorgeously produced and with their signature fuck off attitude that their sound has.

The new album is called ‘Putain Royale’ and will be out 12/03/2021 on ZOE ZOE RECORDS, ROCKERILL RECORDS & SIX TONNES DE CHAIR RECORDS. You can Pre-order their new album now on their official site. And check out the gorgeous merch too!

‘Losing’ is the perfect starter for your day, the track is in your face garagepunk by a band that is professionally certified at shredding your face off with noises. This is riff fueled anger for the whole family. Watch the lone partyanimal and vocalist of Pink Room celebrate in the new video. This clip was made by Jaak Segers who studied at the Kask and is now a self employed cameraman/director who has been doing a lot in the music scene and livestreamstuff. Make friends with Jaak on Instagram – @jaakisdenaam

The album cover art is made by Valentine Gallardo just like on their previous album ‘Zum Kotsen‘ and ‘Relationshit‘ EP.

Check out ‘Losing’ now! and Buy the album

(If you are hungry for more Belgian heaviness after this you can always check The Big Belgian Noiserock List)



Official Website

Kan een zwart-witafbeelding zijn van 3 mensen, zittende mensen en binnen

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