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OSees Levitation Sessions II

I would like to thank the god of Fuzz, The label and festival Levitation and the Osees for making my life an ok place to stay in. Osees has been releasing so much music and lately ‘Protean Threat’, ‘Panther Rotate’, ‘Metamorphosed’ and their first levitation and their 7inches and other projects and all that i am forgetting right now. So now we are here again and this time it is for the second levitation Session that premieres at 7PM CT on 4/10/21. Buy a stream ticket, lps, cds, posters tshirts, BUY IT ALL! ll proceeds from signed screen-prints are being donated to Elizabeth HouseEast LA Women’s CenterSt Francis CenterDowntown Women’s Center and the Hollywood Food Coalition. Now we can tune in for the first preview from the depths of a cavernous Los Angeles factory.

2 thoughts on “OSees Levitation Sessions II”

  1. I just got into this band, and I’m scrambling to listen to as much as possible to get “caught up” – I love finding bands/artists with a substantial body of work, but who are still producing music and doing new and exciting things. Loving Protean Threat, loving these sessions.


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