Pink Room release ‘Putain Royale’

The moment has finally arrived, The new album from the Belgian rockers Pink Room is out. The album is called ‘Putain Royale’ and is out on ZOE ZOE RECORDS, ROCKERILL RECORDS & SIX TONNES DE CHAIR RECORDS. You can order their new album now on their official site. And check out the gorgeous merch too!

A while ago we got the first video and single from the track ‘Losing’ which was a gorgeous kick in the face and the first track after the intro (by Nathan Roche) and it is a perfect start on ‘Putain Royale’, heavy garageriffs and some wild psychedelic solo work at the end of the track. On ‘Losing’ Cis Deman (Stake) and Bart Baele (Tubelight, Speedozer) are guests.

For ‘Stay White’ they change to a higher gear and go faster and wilder, a track filled with fast paced energy. By now everybody already understands that this album will be one intese chunk of energy. ‘Hail Satan’ may be the most accesible track, if you could call anything accesible on this album, the riff on ‘Hail Satan’ is catchy and the vocals screech their way into my brain. Tijl Van De Casteele from Whorses en Jonas Calu from Little Trouble Kids doig guest percussion on ‘Hail Satan’. Their is a clip coming for ‘Hail Satan’ and their will be a lot of fire in it which is cool because fire is cool.

There is no time for a breather (on the whole album) or a break to drink a hot cup of cacao because ‘Live Laugh Love’ is again fast, loud, and like almost all of their tracks it is adrenaline boosting (is that a word? it is now?). ‘All Breaks No Gas’ I heard the first time when I was on my bike and I was so pumped I almost drove in to a canal. As I am an excellent reviewer it is also time to talk about the drums so that the drummer did not think I forgot about him, on the whole album Jelle does some excellent drumming and with all his hittin and smashin he takes care of the relentless tempo and on the next track ‘Colin’ he brings some nice vibe with his woody drumsticks. ‘Skin’ (with guest vocals from Sam De Clercq van Brorlab) and ‘The Most Underrated Piece of Art is Power’ are catchy rocknroll tracks (but then very heavy) . The last track ‘Stay Black’ is with guest vocals by Ruben from Vonnis and may be the most brutal track on the album, a track filled with punk and hardcore.

The reason this album absolutely rules is because it is really fucking loud and heavy but at the same time it is catchy and fun. There is a perfect balance between noiserock and garagerock. I hate it when bands are superdark and really serious and Pink Room is the other way around, it is all about having a blast and that is what you hear throughout the whole album. Al the guest musicians on this album just make the whole shabang better, they give it an extra kick. This album feels like a destructive party, a party that ends in the gutter, broken and hurt but really happy.

I give this album four peacocks, two sparkling stars and a tornado 🦚🦚🦚🦚✨✨🌪️

The album cover art is made by Valentine Gallardo just like on their previous album ‘Zum Kotsen‘ and ‘Relationshit‘ EP.

Buy the album, go on then.

Produced by Rodrigo Fuentealba Palavicino.

(If you are hungry for more Belgian heaviness after this you can always check The Big Belgian Noiserock List)



Official Website

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