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Skin Graft Records Update: Tijuana Hercules and Shorty

There is so much to discover and buy on the Skin Graft Records label. Long out of print stuff, remastered weirdo music, legendary noise and punk and Japanese weirdo stuff, Comics,new albums, and each release is a work of art, a gorgeous piece to look and listen too.

First of all I want to share you the new track from Tijuana Hercules. The track ‘ShaTooBog’ is taken from their upcoming album ‘Mudslog and the singles wich will be released May 7. As said on the bandcamp page: ” an oxygen-depriving bouillabaisse of boundary-busting blues, spaghetti-strung grooves, and tangled psychedelic roots music.”


SHORTY’s SKiN GRAFT single is now available digitally for the first time! Includes a densely illustrated 18-page PDF comic book that reproduces the original 7″ and comic book set packaging. Recorded in 1993 by Steve Albini and remastered in 2020, both recordings are exclusive to this release.

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