WV Sorcerer Productions

WV Sorcerer Productions is a music label based in Paris, France and Nanjing, China. I came across this label only recently through an album that is also being released on Riot Season Records. The band is Dope Purple, from Taipei and they make this gorgeous cosmic music with raging guitar solos and it all sounds quite epic. It is much in the style of the Japanoise/psych/doom I really dig (check out The Cosmic Side of Japan) so I fell in love with this band on first listen.


So Dope Purple is rereleasing this ‘Grateful End’ album on LP through both WV Sorcerer Productions and Riot Season Records. It is magnificent, so check it out and order it while it is still possible.

So Since I am blown away by this band and never heard of WV Sorcerer Productions I immediatly went digging in to their catalogue. And it is quite some experimental stuff you can find on there, it goes from noise to industrial to psych and lot of other weird stuff. And in this post I wanted to highlight some of the stuff i really dig. Their is a lot more ofcourse on their bandcamp so be sure to check it out.

in 2016 there is a release by  若潭 ruò tán & 王子衡 Wang Ziheng. An accidental collaboration between Wang Ziheng and ruò tán, an “improvisation in distance” project. Two persons in two different cities, recorded sounds from Beijing and Paris. Drone and Sax give this album a very eerie and occult feeling.



怨 Enmity first released ‘Wu Yuan’ as a CD in 2005, this solo project of Li Chao (Zaliva-D, ex-Harrfluss, ex-Evilthorn) has delivered an unique sound of Chinese ritual dark ambient and metal. Again a very dark album.

王嘯 Wang Xiao makes folk like tribal music from the Gobi Desert in Central Asia. Very unique and quite trippy. Be sure to read the bandcamp page about him too! ‘黑馬河的兒子 The Son of Black Horse River’ was recorded by Wu Weiyi in Beijing, China, winter 2007, previously self-released in 2010
(Except bonus track “Refugee of Faith on the Ancient River Bank” recorded in 2016)
Remastered by Cyril Meysson in Saint-Étienne, France, January 2019.

 Hangzhou based free psychedelic project Dolphy Kick Bebop 海豚踢 released released ‘Briefvisit’ in September 28, 2020 and it is a gorgeous experimental psych fest. Tune in now.

 李劍鴻 Li Jianhong makes noisy epic guitarmusic in the style of the Japanoise bands. 山霧 Mountain Fog is just out and is epic.


And now the last one, and I am very happy to come across this band on WV sorcerer because the Taiwan band ended really high on my 2020 end of the year list with their album ‘Mystery’.  The brothers Hom Yu, Jiun Chi (they also play in ​Prairie WWWW​ 落差草原 WWWW & Dope Purple) and 仝. They listened to what they describe as “Dianziqin music 電子琴音樂” along with video game soundtracks, vintage Asian movie samples and psychedelic music.


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