Xiu Xiu release ‘OH NO’

It does not happen a lot that I post something else then noiserock on psychedelic rock on here but I have been a Xiu Xiu fan for as long as I can remember. The kind of music Xiu Xiu makes is always unique and refreshing, their is nothing that sounds the same. So I was really looking forward to this new album and I was especially curious because of the long list of guest musicians. On ‘Oh No’ Jamie and Angela create yet again a complete dreamlike world with this album, and on it are more easy to listen to tracks but again that gorgeous experimentalism. ‘Oh No’ is filled with guest musician likeAlice Bag, Liz Harris, Sharon Von Etten, Chelsea Wolfe and so much more (check them out on the bandcamp page). All this guest preformances give the album certainly something extra, something warmer and more personal maybe then their previous work. Xiu Xiu proved again what they are capable of and it is gorgeous.

Favourite track: One Hundred Years


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