The Armed release ‘Ultrapop’

The Armed is a very loud hardcore/noiserock/abitofeverything band that has been making awesome music since 2009. The very very mysterious band has had an ever-changing lineup (with lots of guest musicians) in their band and it is all very unclear who is a member while they have actors pretending to be bandmembers, fake names and what else more. Now they have released their new album ‘Ultrapop’ and I think I can safely say that it is something unique, something that can only come from the minds of The Armed. I have always been a big fan of bands that experiment with sound, bands that do not care about genres or stuff like that and The Armed mix all kind of influences (even some black metal vibes) and genres and sounds and the result is absolutely gorgeous, you think you would expect a heavy unlistenable bunch of noise but it is anything but that, the songbuilding is incredibly structured and everything fits together perfectly fine. For my, The Armed resembles Girl Band a lot, both make very original, almost futurist music thats brimfull with new ideas. I am quite sure ‘Ultrapop’ will be high up on all kinds of lists and I believe we have an album here that is both extreme and will appeal to the music fan that normally listens to the more ‘normal’ rock.

‘Ultrapop’ is a layered album that is both extreme and easy to listen to. It is fucking awesome. Out on Sargent House.



3 thoughts on “The Armed release ‘Ultrapop’”

  1. I don’t see any videos and bandcamp player in your RSS feed anymore. This makes listening to your blog in a feed reader now suddenly a lot of clickety click click click :< Did you change something there or update wordpress or something?


      1. I noticed this problem with many other feeds as well, so I guess it might be a problem with my reader (NewsBlur) :< But thanks for looking into it.

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