Track premiere: Health Plan – Food Grief

Somewhere in Iowa there is a newish label called NIM BRUT and most of their music has been shared on your favourite page Fuzzy Sun. NIM BRUT deals in the weird and the experimental, the heavy and the destructive (also some livestream shows). Noise like Territorial Gobbing and psychedelic and experimental guitar work like Carnivorous Plants lives on their bandcamp page. A while ago I got the honor to premiere a track from Health Plan’s upcoming album wich will be released this friday! And now we are here together for a second track by Health Plan (you can find the track on their upcoming album that will be released on Buzzhowl and Nim Brut) , the track is taken from the upcoming NIM BRUT compilation called ‘DEPRIVED OF OCCUPATION AND PLEASURE WE FEAST’ wich features 10 different artists and is a great way to dive into the experimental world of NIM BRUT. The track by Hubble is already out.

Health Plan is Steve Hodson (Blacklisters/USA Nails) and Dan Holloway (Eurosuite/USA NAILS) (and they are on my duo list too) and their new track is called ‘Food Grief’ and the style they produce is unique, their is industrial noise and lot of very dirty punk. These sounds are destructive and perfect to fuck up your ears. Very looking forward to the full album. Tune in now and enjoy.



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