The solo project of multi-instrumentalist Charles Prest of the cosmic carnival and live juggeranturs that is Flamingods, Noon Garden has dropped another fun-laden banger with Decca Divine.

The tropical rollercoaster odyssey that is Decca Divine by Noon Garden is a motley of sounds mixed to create a frenetic floor-filled delving between psychedelia, funk and disco. Fans of Flamingods as well as the likes of The Mauskovic Dance Band, Yin Yin, Los Bitchos, L’Eclair and all that good stuff of new outfits drawing influences from all across the world will be right at home here.

On the single itself, Noon Garden explains:

Sonically this is the most I’ve ever drawn on my African heritage and love for African music. I was  obsessed with Charly Kingson’s track ‘Nimele Bolo’ for a time which has such an infectious, repetitive  bass line and groove that I wanted to explore something similar myself. Musicians like Nigerian funk  master William Onyeabor influenced all the bright synth work and I even named the song after a popular  recording studio in Lagos called Decca Studios where a lot of my favourite African artists like the Lijadu  Sisters, Obenezer Obey and King Sunny Ade recorded albums. Lyrically it’s a celebration of ambition and  determination and a call to exorcise one’s self-doubt” 

Noon Garden has also announced details of a solo album set for release later in the year as well as announcing a show set for May 18 (which looks to already be sold out).

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