GNOD release ‘Easy To Build, Hard To Destroy’

Gnod is one of my favourite bands ever and is actually one of the reasons why I started this website. Gnod is one of the very few bands that incorporate all off the things I love in music, the band makes the most hypnotic psychedelic music possible but can make the most destructive noiserock ever (Donovon’s Daughters is extremely good) and all the while this band keeps experimenting with sounds, genres and atmospheres. The band and members of the band have a lot of side project and all of them are really in interesting in one way or the other. Check out the one with White Hills wivh absolute gorgeous drone/psych. But they have a crapload of experimental and collaborations releases too. I think you get the picture. Now more important is the release of ‘Easy To Build, Hard To Destroy’ which is tricky-to-find, obscure and unreleased material from the heady early days of the band. All hail Gnod!


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