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‘In Search Of Highs Volume 4’: Acid Mothers Temple & The Infiny Rising Zero & Perhaps on Riot Season Records

It is a long title but it is definitly worth it. You humans know by know I am a fan of all the Japanese noise and doom and psych and that I am always excited if there is something new from Acid Mothers Temple, and it is not only something new, it is even a new offshoot of the band called The Infinity Rising Zero . A while ago  I made a list but I got stuck due to laziness.The band is also on my favourite list: the cosmic side of Japan.

Acid Mothers Temple and The Infinity Rising Zero is:

Kawabata Makoto : guitar
Higshi Hiroshi : synthesizer
Satoshima Nani : drums, programing
Pika : drums, voice, feedback

But we are not only here for Japanese weirdo music, we get new music from the Boston spacelords Perhaps too, a band who has made the most cosmic music. They shared an edit of the first track ‘Mad Smiles already and it is 7 minutes of truly trippy music.

Tune in  Pre-order the vinyl.

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