I think this list is the longest I have and I am quite proud of it, it is filled with Japanese noise, psych and stuff like that, both from modern new bands as old ones. This is update number 7. Check the full list HERE and listen here to the newest on the list.

Shinki Chen & Friends ‎- Shinki Chen (1971) Full Album

Shinki Chen & Friends ‎was a short-time project of Sino-Japanese Shinki Chen. Shinki Chen & Friends is: Shinki Chen – guitar, bass, drums, piano George Yanagi – bass, vocals Shinichi Nogi – drums Hiro Yanagida – keyboards “Shinki Chen was considered the Japanese Jimi Hendrix. !

Blond New Half

I was casually surfing bandcamp when I saw that the band The Grasshopper Lies Heavy bought and album by some obscure Japanese band they have played with in Kyoto, which ofcourse peaked my interest. There is almost nothing to be found out about the band but for a 20 minute live recording in Kobe, Japan. If someone else knows more, please let me know.

Food Brain

Now that I found out about Shinki Chen I can share you all his other bands ofcourse. Food Brain is a Japanese “all star” underground band and this album is from 1970.

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