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Cronies release S/T on Cruel nature Records

The New York noise rockers Cronies released ‘Fresh Ideas For Transforming Natures Most Perfect Shapes’ in 2020 and now they are back with a new self titled album. The beast is out on the great Cruel nature Records.

I could feel it without hearing the music first that this would be an absolutely awesome album. How could I feel it you would ask yourself but I can’t tell because its a secret. Anyhow, I have proven to be right because every track on this album is extremely cool. If you are planning on becoming one of the cool kids then the new Cronies should be the album you namedrop every few hours. Scream at other people that the new Cronies is the best, that is its full of brutal noiserock, oldschool riffs and agressive grunge. Scream at them in the streets, scream at them at work, at school. Scream at them in traffic. Scream it at your family. Scream along in the street while doing airguitar. Scream the lyrics while listening on your headphones.

Or don’t do anything of these things and just be a boring turd.

Its Cronies Baby!

Favourite track: Sugarbush

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