Album of the Week: Amyl and the Sniffers release ‘Comfort To Me’

I honestly have no idea why I have not talked daily about Amyl and the Sniffers. I listen to it daily yet I have not posted about it. The cover Amy did with Viagra Boys is probably one of my most played tracks of the year for me, you know the track ‘In Spite of Ourselves’ from John Prine.

Now I took the time to check out the new album and boy, this is some awesome stuff. Amyl and Sniffers is one of the best punk bands around. It is powerful, sharp and has this excellent ‘fuck you’ attitude. Amy’s vocals are just perfect for the riff fueled punk. The whole album feels like a rollercoaster but the rollercoaster is actually a plane and it is actually on fire, while it is crashing in the sea but the sea is actually lava.

‘Comfort To Me’ is awesome and full of energy and everyone who has a different opinion is either deaf of dead or a fan of ska music. Play it loud, buy all their stuff and then play it some more.


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