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Tonstartssbandht share first track from upcoming album ‘Petunia’

First off all I would like to say I have had to wait way too long for a new album by the brothers Andy and Edwin, I know they probably are busy and have a life and stuff like that but you have to understand that the previous full album ‘Sorcerer’ is one of my all time favourite experimental psych albums and that I react like a 5 year old when it comes about waiting. But I forgive them, I forgive them because i listened to the new track and it is beautiful. Tro͞olē byo͞odəfəl.

I couple of weeks ago I strained my neck and now I can take these really yummy painkillers and I think it makes this new track even more byo͞odəfəl. The trippy song is called “What Has Happened ” and is from the upcoming album “Petunia”. Out on Mexican Summer October 22.

Imagine a meadow, full of lush greens and flowers, the sun is shining, a couple of small clouds caress the deep blue sky and in the meadow two weird nude hippies run around completely high of paddos. That is the soundtrack for this new track.

Try to be fun for a change and listen to Tonstartssbandht.

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