Fuzzy Sun is a music blog dedicated to sharing all the good new psychedelic rock, noiserock, Garagerock , Acid Folk and some serious weird music too.
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F. Sun

Noiserock and psych addict, sugaraddict, lazy, really talented at making icecubes (square ones). Likes to sit, stand, walk slowly, read (preferably while lying down), hidden masterchef. In my dreams I am a commander of a spaceship called Inspector Cosmos. Suck at writing, bad at language. Can run up to 2 km if really scared. Insomniac


A simple guy who loves psychedelic, garage-rock, surf rock, shoegaze, noise rock and everything else great in between that lives in Portsmouth, Hampshire.


Also known as Alpha Centauri And Beyond. Loves spaced-out music in all its forms. Addict SF-reader. Favourite food: mussels. Favourite colour: ocean blue. Drink: picon bière. Hates sand between the toes. Lives in Ghent.



Never can seem to get enough of garage, fuzz and noise. Avid vinyl collector with an ear for every genre. Mix in some Reposado and the Texas Sun and you’ve got Ryne. Located in Austin, Texas

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