Fuzzy Sun on Hiatus

Everything needs a break and so does Fuzzy Sun. I started this website a couple of years back for fun and with a passion for psychedelic rock and noiserock and in these years I discovered so much awesome music, bands and people. But life is kinda busy and it was getting difficult to combine Fuzzy Sun with normal life so I decided it is a time for a break. When will i start again? In six months? In a year? in 50? Don’t know yet.

Anyhow, it was fun. I will keep this website on air for now and ofcourse I can’t end without another list and ofcourse it is a list with my favourite noiserock and psychedelic rock. For the lazy fucks out there I put everything in a Spotify List too. So here goes, a list with the stuff i liked most since I started Fuzzy Sun.


Gnod has released quite a lot of music, experimental stuff, weirdo music and electronic stuff but what blow me completeley away was their noiserockalbum ‘Chapel Perilious’. Favourite track: ‘Donovan’s Daughters’. They are also in the middle of releasing a new album ‘La Mort Du Sense’ which i will paste here too because Gnod rules.


‘Sorcerer’ may well be one of my most listened psych albums. There is so much magic in their music, it is refreshing and original. They are in my duo list too. The brothers are working on a new album and have the first track out. I will paste this one here too.

Favourite track: Breathe


Well, this album is extremely amazing and I don’t think anyone would argue that.

Favourite track: Ocean Song

Xiu Xiu

A very weird band with albums that vary a lot, always experimental and weird. Favourite track: ‘Wondering’


Ofcourse Beak> has to be on this. Trippy kraut music with a lot of layers. Favourite track: ‘When We Fall’.


And here is my favourite Japanese band! I saw Qujaku live once and was completely blown away by their mix of noise, doom and heavy psych. Favourite track: ‘Kagamie’

You can find Qujaku on The Cosmic Side of Japan.

Prana Crafter

you can just visualize the nutare and the beauty when listening to Prana Crafter. ‘Enter The Stream’ is, I believe, the only album with vocals and it is stunning. Favourite track: ‘Enter The Stream’

Girl Band

If you talk about experimental and loud music then you talk about Girl Band, awesome and destructive, unsettling and wild. Favourite track: ‘Going Norway’.

Kikagaku Moyo/幾何学模様

There is going to be a lot of Japanese music on here and there is nothing you can do about it. Kikagaku Moyo is a collective of psych/kraut musicians that make chill and trippy music.


If USA/Mexico would be a smell it would be smell of asphalt. You know its all wrong but the black gunk smells good.

Favourite track: ‘Matamoros’

All Them Witches

All Them Witches is a must for me, their bluesy psychedelic desert rock always hits me right in the feels.


Extremely chaotic noiserock from Ghent, Belgium.

Lightning Bolt

Lightning Bolt contains more caffeïne then 50 cups of espresso.


So much choice in which album I could share by the most famous psych band in the cosmos and I chose the weirdest album. Can’t help it.

Part Chimp

The return of the UK riff legends.

Black Shape

Riffs, Riffs and more riffs. 45 minutes long riffing with really cool lyrics and vocals.


Another Japanese band and one of the founding fathers of Japanese psych. Wityh a constant stream of new music it was difficult to make a choice but ‘Reverse Of Rebirth In Universe’ spoke to me the most.

Chat Pile

‘Remove Your Skin’ is both brutal and destructive, it is unique in its own way. it is evil. If you want to be a hipster it is good to recommend this to friends.


‘Top Ten Zen Meditations’ is weird new wave experimental psych stuff. No idea what it is but its damn cool.


I can’t sit still while listening to this, but I can’t dance either, I jsut stand weirdly in the room.

Naujawanan Baidar

Traditional Afghan sounds mixed with modern psych.

Dirty Junk

wild and crazy, ridiculously heavy.

Favourite track: “Hatchu”


Repetitive and highly psychedelic. To completely trip away and never to turn back.

The Armed

The ever mysterious band The Armed delivered something spectacular with their new album ‘Ultrapop’.

Moon Pussy

There is a certain groove to the noiserock of Moon Pussy. Its goddamn catchy noiserock.

Mong Tong

Two brothers sampling weird sounds through traditional Taiwanese music. gorgeous stuff.


Relentless and Intense. one of my favourite UK bands


And extremely powerful debut album by these noisepunkers.

Alex Maas

Alex, vocalist for The Black Angels, made a solo album full of psychelic folk.


Truly exceptional noiserock from Dublin

Population II

funky and trippy psych by the Montreal band Population II.


In your face hardcore punk from this South Korean band.



Tropical Fuck Storm

TFS makes really good garage/psych stuff and they are on my Australian list.

BIG|BRAVE (+BIG|BRAVE with The Body)

The vocals are spectacular, both on their EP ‘Vital’ as the more drone/folk album with The Body.

Modern Technology

Another duo, these two probably went studying in The School of the Distorted Riff.


No noiserock list without Metz.

Pink Room

Nasty, Belgian rocknnoise. In your face garagetrash. Wild Unfermented Punk.

White Suns

There is a big difference between noise and noiserock and White Suns is one of the few that can shift with ease between these two genres. ‘the lower way’ is epic.

Gaffa Bandana

 Gaffa Bandana is the duo Gill Dread (Bruxa Maria) and Jennie Howell (SO3EK, Sleeping Creatures, Gorse. Expect extremely heavy riff fueled noiserock.

Dusty Mush

Experimental psych and fuzz at its best by the French Dusty Mush.

Alexis Marshall

Alexis Marshall (Daughters) released his own solo album ‘House of Lull. House of When’. And it is a poetic mix of industrial, spoken word and experimentalism.

Pure Adult

A powerfull and experimental noiserock and punk band.

Amyl and the Sniffer

‘Comfort To Me’ is the best punk album of 2021. easy.

new music

Lammping release ‘Flashjacks’

The Toronto band Lammping released their new album ‘Flashjacks’. You can buy the 10 track album digitally as well as on vinyl. With ‘Flashjacks’ the band walks the line between experimental psych and fuzzed out garagerock and thsi gives the full album a bluesy dreamlike atmosphere.


new music

Acid Rooster release ‘Irrlichter’

The German trio Acid Roosterreleased their new album ‘Irrlichter’ July 30 and. The band makes really trippy instrumental psychedelia and kraut. The LP is sold out by now and if you are really sad about that you can buy yourself a tote bag. Tune in for four really psychedelic tracks.


new music

Acid Mothers Temple & The Melting Paraiso U.F.O.

A couple of days ago I saw Kikagaku Moyo live and it was a while ago I saw good concerts due that virus thingy and it really blew my mind and now I am back in the Japanese Psych rabbit hole and to fuel that fire Acid Mothers Temple has released a lot of albums. Live albums, remix versions. rare stuff, audio sessions,… . lets get trippy.  A while ago  I made a list but I got stuck due to laziness.The band is also on my favourite list: the cosmic side of Japan.



Rocket Recordings remixes

Rocket Recordingsis an excellent label with a very varied catalogue ranging from noiserock to experimental psych and even some very weird stuff. I can only be happy with these two new remix albums called Aphelion Volume 1 and 2. These classic Rocket tracks have been pushed, pulled, stretched, dissected and some, completely re-imagined by an eclectic mix of incredible artists.

Tune in, listen and buy it on vvvvinyl.



X’ed Out release ‘We All Do Wrong’

The Human Worth noiserocklabel (Gaffa Bandana, Modern Technology, Cower, Evan Gildersleeve 72%) is a charitable label raising funds for people in crisis through their shows and releases. With really cool releases that are so far all in the noiserock spectrum.

X’ed Out (a band featuring members of Silent Front and Working Men’s Club) released their new album ‘We All Do Wrong’ and it is a fierce piece of work, it is relentless, there is no pause or room to breathe on this album and this kind of intensity is what makes this album so great. Except maybe for the last track ‘The Noble Rot’ which is a piece of gorgeous experimental darkness. On all the other track are non stop riffs followed by dark postpunk interludes followed by sreams and pure in your face noiserock. Extra fun is the trumpet and keys on the songs which give it just that extra crunchy atmosphere. A truly excellent album

The album is recorded by Wayne Adams at Bear Bites Horse Studio (Big Lad / Petbrick) and Mastered by James Plotkin (Khanate / OLD). A portion of proceeds going to Breast Cancer UK

Favourite track: ‘The 5 Headed Boy’ and ‘The Noble Rot’



new music

Check out the first three Grizzlor tracks

The Connicticut trio Grizzlor will release their new album ‘Hammer of Life’ on Hex Records on the first of October. Grizzlor absolutely rips on this first three tracks. This will be again an awesome noiserock album, I can just feel it already. Pre-order it and stuff.



new music

Tonstartssbandht share first track from upcoming album ‘Petunia’

First off all I would like to say I have had to wait way too long for a new album by the brothers Andy and Edwin, I know they probably are busy and have a life and stuff like that but you have to understand that the previous full album ‘Sorcerer’ is one of my all time favourite experimental psych albums and that I react like a 5 year old when it comes about waiting. But I forgive them, I forgive them because i listened to the new track and it is beautiful. Tro͞olē byo͞odəfəl.

I couple of weeks ago I strained my neck and now I can take these really yummy painkillers and I think it makes this new track even more byo͞odəfəl. The trippy song is called “What Has Happened ” and is from the upcoming album “Petunia”. Out on Mexican Summer October 22.

Imagine a meadow, full of lush greens and flowers, the sun is shining, a couple of small clouds caress the deep blue sky and in the meadow two weird nude hippies run around completely high of paddos. That is the soundtrack for this new track.

Try to be fun for a change and listen to Tonstartssbandht.



new music

Cherubs share second song from ‘SLO BLO 4 FRNZ & SXY’

After a two decade hiatus noiserock trio Cherubs returned in 2014 and they released 2 Ynfynyty in 2015, a split with Gay Witch Abortion in 2016 and the Fist in The Air EP in 2016. In  2019 they released the excellent album ‘Immaculada High’.

Now they are going to release a new EP called ‘SLO BLO 4 FRNZ & SXY’ which will be released in October. The first track is called ‘Lazy Snakes’ and now the second one is out and it is called ‘A Pair of Pear Tarts’ and i don’t know what to say except that it is Cherubs at their best. Gorgeous noise and riffs in your face.



Elephant Rifle released ‘Satyriasis’

I don’t know shit about America and I am very lazy when it is about researching so when someone says Nevada I think about the desert and when i hear the three tracks from elephant Rifle I see Rob Zombie in the Nevada desert but then he shaved his head and looks all hardcore punk but then the cool version.



Gnod returns to save us

Gnod came to me somewhere in 2017, in a dream telling me to start this website and that I would not be disappointed and look, now I have the most popular website just under google. I am just waiting for the promised happiness and money but I know I should trust and believe and have patience. Gnod has brought us a lot of his wisdom in te form of brutal noiserock, experimental electronics, heavy psych and weirdo stuff.

And to compensate for floods, the virus, ska music, hunger, right wing turds, tornados and the likes Gnod comes down again with a spectacular new gift called ‘La Mort Du Sens’. This gift will be presented to us in full on November 5 this year and to still our hunger we get the first sounds and it is called ‘Pink Champagne Blues’. It will be released through Rocket Recordings.

Get thyself ready for destructive, industrial and fast paced noiserock on this first track!

There is only one Gnod!



Album of the Week: Amyl and the Sniffers release ‘Comfort To Me’

I honestly have no idea why I have not talked daily about Amyl and the Sniffers. I listen to it daily yet I have not posted about it. The cover Amy did with Viagra Boys is probably one of my most played tracks of the year for me, you know the track ‘In Spite of Ourselves’ from John Prine.

Now I took the time to check out the new album and boy, this is some awesome stuff. Amyl and Sniffers is one of the best punk bands around. It is powerful, sharp and has this excellent ‘fuck you’ attitude. Amy’s vocals are just perfect for the riff fueled punk. The whole album feels like a rollercoaster but the rollercoaster is actually a plane and it is actually on fire, while it is crashing in the sea but the sea is actually lava.

‘Comfort To Me’ is awesome and full of energy and everyone who has a different opinion is either deaf of dead or a fan of ska music. Play it loud, buy all their stuff and then play it some more.




Diploid is a trio from Melbourne that makes really intense and heavy stuff. the tracks are ridiculously short, extremely heavy, riffs that make you shit yourself and screams deep from the bush. Ranging from hardcore punk to grindcore this new album is an absolute blast to listen to. tune in for ‘I am Yours. And I am Here Again.



Psychedelic Source Records

Psychedelic source records is a Hungarian label filled with psychedelic, blues, folk, acid and tunes like that. Lately I have posted a lot from this label and with reason. Sinci I found out about the label I got addicted to the music on it. everything is trippy and there is a lot of gorgeous guitar work and stuff like that.

I am not going to post everything again so you should check out their bandcamp yourselves and since you are here you can check out two more excellent releases I hav enot posted yet. Tune in for River Flows Reverse and Slight Layers, Predictions



Nova Express to release ‘Twenty One’

On Rocket Recordings we get the upcoming album by the Swedisch psych band Nova Express. It is the remastered and resequenced version of the 20 years old album ‘One’. The first track is out and called the same as the band and is a gorgeous piece of kraut and psych. layered and extremely trippy, this will be a magnificent album. Tune in now.



two tracks out from X’ed Out before release in September

The Human Worth noiserocklabel (Gaffa Bandana, Modern Technology, Cower, Evan Gildersleeve 72%) is a charitable label raising funds for people in crisis through their shows and releases. With really cool releases that are so far all in the noiserock spectrum.

X’ed Out (a band featuring members of Silent Front and Working Men’s Club) released the first traack ‘Bathe it in’ a while ago and now they shared the second track ‘Fouling The Nest’ whick is again brutal, intense and in your face. The upcoming album is called ‘We All Do Wrong’ and is recorded by Wayne Adams at Bear Bites Horse Studio (Big Lad / Petbrick) and Mastered by James Plotkin (Khanate / OLD). A portion of proceeds going to Breast Cancer UK