Johnny Mafia Release New Album “Sentimental”

Earlier this year I shared the single from this album and until yesterday, I had played that single at least 100 times. AT LONG LAST we have the full length album and front to back it’s the complete package. The chemistry the band members have to consistently put out jams is something I will be looking forward to for a long time. Enjoy!


Raw Optics release new album “Aqua Mundo”

I’m a firm believer in these guys and they haven’t missed a beat yet when it comes to releases. “Aqua Mundo” is by far my favorite release from the guys, if you’re looking for some surf/garage rock this is your jam. I’ve never wanted to spend my time sun burnt, tripping on a beach like I do when I’m listening to this album.


Osees release live album ‘The Chapel’

Back in October of 2019, John and the crew recorded a live album at The Chapel in San Francisco. If you’ve caught any of their live sessions you know they deliver. The set list for this one might be my favorite! the band released a buig amount of music lately so check out their bandcamp page for more stuff.


King Gizzard and the Lizard Wizard release new album “L.W.”

Three months ago we were blessed with K.G. and following that is the microtonal masterpiece, L.W. Featuring three previously released singles, “If Not Now, Then When?”, “O.N.E.”, and “Pleura”, the album is a total of nine songs.

My personal favorite is “K.G.L.W”, the last song on the album, and also the name of the title track on “K.G.”? Same name, H U G E difference in substance. The latter of the two is HEAVY

The album is available on bandcamp for $1 which will be donated to Greenfleet. Greenfleet plants native biodiverse forests in Australia and New Zealand to capture carbon emissions.


Black Bats release third single for upcoming album ‘Psychic Retreat’

The third single released by the guys in Black Bats is called ‘Swamp Fever’ and if you’ve ever been to the swamps of the south here in the US, this song might bring back some fond memories of those humid, fever dream nights. Below is the single as well as a clip half of the band managed to film during the tight Melbourne lockdown restrictions, where they set an ominous lounge scene to match the tone of the track.


Listen + Watch Melt Citizen‘s EP “Dullard”

Melt Citizen is Mike Peregrino and is from El Paso in my home state Texas. The EP ‘Dullard’ has a mixture of the Reatards, Sonic Youth and The Beach Boys and will without a doubt have you feeling FUZZY

My favorite thing Mike has done with this release a video for each song and then a live video series called PARTY POOPER! It’s kickass, enjoy!


Listen to the Sophomore Album ‘Listen Guys’ from BIN

At the end of May, BIN (Lys McInnes, Cal Shortal (Murlocs, Orb), Lachie Baulch, Tim Fluker, Mick Byers, Jasper Jolly (Tiny Giants, Bones & Jones) & Will Bowers), released their second album with 8 tracks that are guaranteed to have you missing live shows. Their post-punk roots and mixture of that Australian sound we all love has me wanting more and I’m sure it’ll have you feeling the same way!


Raw Optics set to release album “Space Is The Place”

On June 19th, Leeds band Raw Optics will release their second album “Space Is The Race” on all platforms. Much like their first album, you can expect a lot of raw, heavy psych. Check out the ripper of a single they released below as well as their first album “DOOM”.




Watch Charles Moothart Shred at Zebulon Sessions

Some of you may have heard of Charles from being the Lead Guitarist in FUZZ alongside Ty Segall and Chad Ubovich. He’s also been the drummer for Ty’s Freedom Band and the guitarist for Ty Segall Band. Here in the live session, Charles plays some of my favorite songs from his solo project “CFM”. ENJOY

Below are CFM’s releases: