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MASSS / Wasted Cathedral

It is now 2021 and last year was shitty and this year could be shitty too who knows but i have te perfect soundtrack for this shitty day for you. The split between MASSS from Ottawa and Wasted Cathedral from Saskatoon give us eerie drone and doom. Tune in and let the ambient sounds dominate you.

new music

Ambient and Drone on the new Animal Hospital

Animal Hospital aka Kevin Micka from Boston is and experimental musician and he returns with his new album since the release of his 2009 album ‘Memory’. His new album ‘Fatigue’ is a culmination of the past 10 years of Micka creating live music for large ensembles. The first track starts with experimental tunes that bring you fast in a hypnotic state only the push you deeper with the guitar driven drone on the track ‘No Pressure’. It is quite difficult to make guitar drone that is good, you have to succeed in bringing the track to life and this is something Kevin Micka does good. His music is filled with emotion and tracelike vibes.

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A benefit compilation in the time of COVID-19 by Eiderdown Records

CosmoPraesidium is a compilation by the Eiderdown Records Label, A benefit for the COVID-19 Crisis. All proceeds from this compilation will go to food banks in Washington state, California, and New York. The artists on the Eiderdown label have been shared a lot on Fuzzy Sun, the music on the label brings calmth and rest on this website. Most of the music here is heavy, experimental and extremely noisy but the bands on Eiderdown have always tranquilized that nervous energy. The label is filled with artists that produce dreamy acid folk, Ambient trippy landscapes, gorgeous acoustic guitar work. Artists like Prana Crafter and Elkhorn have found a place in my heart. In these times it is so nice to tune in for a moment and enjoy this soothing, dreamy and trippy tunes. Twentyseven tracks long! Please buy this album and let sounds calm you.


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The alternative version, the research and development wing of GNOD consists of co-founders Paddy Shine and Chris Haslam. Again a sonic experiment with 2 tracks that are 20 minutes each with sounds that range from weird to eerie to psychedelic. Its not only weirdness though, you can find some heavy beats and agressive industrial sounds in there. So, yeah, check it out, It is Gnod

I asked my girlfriend (who hates noiserock and psych) to review this band, this is what she says: ‘What the hell is this? these are just factory noises, turn that off and do something with your life’.


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The Infinite Three released ‘Ascension Zone’

The London experimental trio The Infinite Three released their fifth studio album wich will is completely instrumental. ‘Ascension Zone’ was released May 3 on Actual Size Music.

The Infinite tree is made of ex-members of Cindytalk, God and Leisur Hive. With their background in noise, noiserock, dub, drone and metal they create their very own varied sound.

Their new experimental album is a varied piece of work with hints of psych, postpunk and drone.







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Droneflower by Marissa Nadler & Stephen Brodsky

Marissa Nadler and Stephen Brodsky (Old Man Gloom, Cave In, Mutoid Man,…) have teamed up to make a dark and brooding record named ‘Droneflower’.

The album has an eerie, experimental feel to it. Marissa’s voice blends perfect in the folk/noise/fuzz that drones throughout the album.

Some tracks are soft and passionate but they can turn dark fast. ‘Droneflower’ has depth and is a piece of music that needs carefull listening.

Released April 26 on Sacred Bones.


Favorite track: Estranged

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The Infinite Three release first track ‘Ascension Zone’

The London experimental trio The Infinite Three are getting ready to release their fifth studio album wich will be completely instrumental. This beast will be called ‘Ascension Zone’.

The Infinite tree is made of ex-members of Cindytalk, God and Leisur Hive. With their background in noise, noiserock, dub, drone and metal they create their very own varied sound.

Their new album ‘Ascension Zone’ is out 3rd May on Actual Size Music.

The first released track with the same name as the album is a brilliant mix between drone, noise and soundscapes.

A gorgeous first track wich makes me longing to here more from them. Tune in and now and play loud.







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The alternative version, the research and development wing of GNOD consists of co-founders Paddy Shine and Chris Haslam.

As a fan of weirdness and a fan of the brutal sound of Gnod this is something to check out. A very ambient and meditive exploration of sound.

Weirdness is alive and you can find it here. Check out VOl.3 by GNOD R&D on Sound of The Cobra.

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Hypnotic tunes on the new Violet Nox

The Boston experimental band Violet Nox released their latest “Twin Flame” November 2. On the three track EP the band fuses psychedelic tunes with electronics and ambient. Their new work is a hazy beauty filled with ominous athmosphere.

Perfect for your hangover sunday. Tune in and enjoy the tunes.

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Doppelleben by The Mon

The Mon is the solo project by Urlo from Uffomammut.
The project is a mix between ambient, doom and psychedelic soundscapes. The album is a collection of songs made between December 2016 and January 2018.
“Doppelleben” is released November 8 through Supernatural Cat, the label by member of Ufomammut and the Malleus Rock Art Collective.
Favorite track: Salvator Mundi

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Experimental musicians Dead Neanderthals

The Dutch experimental duo Dead Neanderthals deals in noise, minimal, drone and other obscure genres. Frequently releasing great music (the one more sinister than the other) we now get aother track. This thing is called ‘Life’ with a duration of 36 minutes. The mostly present sax and drums on other albums you will not find on ‘Life’. prepare to get the life sucked out of you with these ominous sounds. amazing coverart by Alexis Zirrit.


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New video for Belgian Electronics trio Onset

The Belgian electronic trio Onset released their EP on February 3 this year. Four tracks of Gloomy and melancholic vibes. Now we get the new video for the single ‘Failure’ directed by Alexander Decommere.
Immerse yourself in the highly addictive music of Onset. (A tiny bird whispered in my ear there will be another big video soon, so be ready)


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Ambient Wizard Idol Eyes

With field recordings and  analog synthesizer Portland based Idol Eyes created a tape release called ‘Neoteny’. Released January 18 through Sunhypnotic.
Favortite track : Heterochrony
Perfect for letting your mind drift on a saturdayafternoon.





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Prana Crafter’s Bodhi Cheetah’s Choice

Last year Prana Crafter released “Mindstreamblessing” wich was absolutely marvellous. The new album is called Bodhi Cheetah’s Choice and will be released Januari 26. The complete album has such a truly beautifull atmosphere .It feels like meditation, you can feel the nature and beauty pouring out. The ambience now and then alternating with thescreeching psychedelic guitar. Prana Crafter made this with passion.


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Psychedelic drone of epic proportions by Slomo

Do you know that feeling?
Do you know that feeling when the right sound just hits you?  You get goosebumps all over your body and the incredible wall of sound sends shivers down your spine. Well if you do, then be prepared.. Slomo fires you into space and beyond with their latest album Transits. (The name “Transits”, by the way, can refer to the method of finding exoplanets by looking at the light of stars, which makes it possible for you to interpret our metaphor quite literally). The only way to define this psychedelic journey is to call it the Slomo Sound I guess. I believe Transits is carefully crafted. Sometimes very calm and almost silent. Sometimes full of deep “droning” that makes your head spin. I have to say however, that this music is made for quality headphones or really good loudspeakers. Just put it as loud as you can take, sit back and relax.
Facts for the music geeks:  Slomo is  a collaboration between Holy McGrail & Howard Marsden.
The artwork of the album is done by Xochi Solis. a Texan based artist                                                               sharing her studio time between Texas and Mexico.