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Fruit LoOps release ‘Orangina’

This band goes full weird and that is what I like, the art punk band Fruit LoOops create with their weird drums, free noisy jazzy stuff and noiserock influenced stuff some absolutely wacko music, the vocals just fit perfectly with the music.

ambrace your inner weirdness and tune in to hear the album ‘Orangina’ by the Ohio art punkers Fuit LoOps. There are 9 LPs remaining so just add this mental piece of music to your collection.

new music

Norwegian rocker ÅRABROT

The Norwegian grammy award winning band return with a new full album called ‘Who Do You Love’. The band rehearses and records in a former church in rural Sweden, surrounded by pianos and organs.
Their new album will be out September 7, but we can listen to the two released tracks already.

foto van Arabrot Official.


new music

Transportation to Mind Transformation by BUNNIES

The new album by UK psych/artrock band BUNNIES ‘Transportation To Mind Transformation’ has a original sound that sucks you in for more. The 6 track psychedelic album was released the 6th of April and is something you need to hear, different and refreshing. With video and lyrics!
Favorite track: The World of the Could-Be-You