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‘Bi-Polair’ by C.C.’S Feces

How C.C.’S Feces copes with life would be best described as Bi-polar with flair. This is how the band describes themselves and you can sure feel it in their music too, their new alubm ‘Bi-Polair’ is some funky garagerock. It is out on Belly Button Records and I can recommend it to everyone who likes their music fun and joyfull. Tune in now.


new music

Make your life better with the new Pink Room game

Life sucks, I think most of us can agree on that, but now and then sun shines through the clouds, a light descents and gives us purpose, gives meaning to all of us shitty humans.

This is one of those moments, this right here, that does not change a flying fuck.

But this new game is possible the coolest thing that will happen to you this year. Well, yeah, possibly. For those of you who do not know the Belgian band Pink Room, I will share you some links under the video game. A band reaching for the stars with their epic sounds, ready to take the world by force with their music and now with their game development.

The game is superhard, superfun and superloud.



new music

Rotterdam Garagepunkers Knife Massage

On the Belgian rock label Belly Button Records comes the new EP by angry Rotterdam Garagerockers Knife Massage. Three short tracks but enough to give you a sonic orgasm. Knife Massage sounds like a lofi guitarfight going completely berzerk.