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Tijuana Hercules release ‘Evening Dressings’ on Skin Graft Records

John Vernon Forbes is the founding member of Tijuana Hercules, but before that he played in Phantom 309 (with Mac McNeilly, future drummer of The Jesus Lizard) and Dirt, before settling in Chicago where he formed Mount Shasta, one of the founding SKiN GRAFT Records acts. Mount Shasta went on to release three albums and a collaborative LP with Japan’s Space Streakings before disbanding.  He is also a Illustrator/Cartoonmaker.

Their new album ‘Evening Dresses’ does not fit at all on Fuzzy Sun. Yet here its, and it is absolutely gorgeous. Seven tracks of Groovy and trippy blues tinged swamp music. It is quite possible the groove and the sax that is getting to me. The music feels feverish and wild. This album is one of the few exceptions (because its not noise or psych) I will post it on Fuzzy Sun because it is dooo good from start to finish.

Listen and enjoy.


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Tijuana Hercules share first track on Skingraft Records

On the epic label Skingraft comes a new album by Tijuana Hercules. The band with John Vernon Forbes who  played in Phantom 309 (with Mac McNeilly, future drummer of The Jesus Lizard) and Dirt, before settling in Chicago where he formed Mount Shasta, one of the founding SKiN GRAFT Records act. Tijuana Hercules is Joe Patt, Doug Abram, Mike Young, Sam Crossland and John Vernon Forbes.  We get the new track ‘ Hands Down’ on this new Seven song Mini-LP “Evening Dresses” that will be released July 10. The track is full of gritty blues and funky rythms and goddamn sax, I love sax!


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Pretty Lightning release “Jangle Bowls” on Fuzz Club

I have listen to a lot of Pretty Lightning over the years and always enjoyed it, here and there a track that really stuck and stayed in my favourite tracks. Their previous album “The Rythm of Ooze” was a great piece of psychedelic rock but I think we can speak of a whole new level on their new album “Jangle Bowls” wich is released today on Fuzz Club. Their new album is very hypnotic and instantly grabs you, it is way more catchy, there is way more repetition and the level of fuzz on it is just gorgeous. In times sounding a bit like the bluesy version of The Black Angels. The German duo have been doing this for quite a while and I believe it is on this album they show what they are worth. “Jangle Bowls” is a splendid mix of kraut, fuzz, blues and psychedelic rock. The mix of the more heavy tracks and the bluesy psych tracks is in perfect balance. This is one of the best psych albums I heard this year and it makes my quarantine way better. Feel the fuzz and tune in for this absolutely marvelous new album.

Favourite track: “Greyhoud”, “Boogie At The Shrine”, “There is Ooze on our Shoes” and “Shovel Blues”

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Pretty Lightning to release “Jange Bowls” on Fuzz Club

These two dudes from Germany have made a lot af really cool psych in the past, their previous album “The Rythm of Ooze” was released in 2017 and now it seems the duo is ready to release some new music. On March 20 they will release their new album “Jange Bowls” on Fuzz Club. Their is a first track that we can listen too, it is called “Greyhound” and is very easy listening, a trippy bluesy track, a bit more easygoing then most of their music and it is gorgeous. Tune in and check it out.

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Heavy psych The Lunar Effect

The London psychedelic rock band The Lunar effect will release their new album “Calm Before The Calm”. Here we can hear a band with a mature sound full of psych and heavy blues.

The album will be released January 25 and in the meantime we can listen to two tracks.

Check them out.

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New album by All Them Witches out

Some albums are just addictive and the new one by All Them Witches is as addictive as they come. The first two tracks “Fishbelly 86 Onions” and “Diamond” where just constantly on repeat. On the track “Diamond” the nashville quartet All Them Witches shows what a brilliant band they are, the track is brilliant from start to finish.
Now their new album “ATW” is out. Eight bluesy psych/stoner tracks of absolute beauty. This album is definitly in my top albums of this year.
“Diamond” remains my favorite track. Listen closely to this soul healing album called “ATW” and tune in Fuzzy Sun’s psych list for more.

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Release day for Orions Belte

Another of those great finds is the Norwegian trio Orions Belte. Their new album “Mint” is an example of what good chill psych music should sound like. Laid back tunes mixed with a bit of blues and pop tunes.
Orions Belte is one of those bands to enjoy in the sun accompanied with a huge amount of drinks. Ou today on Jansen records.
Find them on Fuzzy Sun’s Spotify list.
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All Them Witches release second track

After their brilliant last album “Sleeping through War” All Them Witches are back with a new album. “ATW” will be released September 28 and in the meantime we can listen to two already released tracks. Check out “Fishbelly 86 Onions” and “Diamond”. Check out more music on Fuzzy Sun’s spotify.

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Heavy rockers Gypsy Sun Revival

It is snowing. and I hate snow. Its cold, sticky and i fell on my face two times already. But i found a remedy. Sounds that smell like the summer. I just close my blinds and put on Gypsy Sun Revival.
Journey Out of Time by Gypsy Sun Revival was released December 8, 2017. It is an album full of goodies. Psychedelic tunes, bluesrock and solos with good vocals. Check them out.



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The Rythm of Ooze by Pretty Lightning

Pretty Lightning made a new album called The Rythm Of Ooze. The duo Christian Berghoff and Sebastian Haas have succeeded in making a psychedelic gem. Stop what you are doing and listen to The Rythm of Ooze. Out on Fuzz Club ofcourse.

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Psychedelic bluesrock on Great rift’s VoodooWoodland

Great Rift is an Austrian blues/psych rock band. They released VoodooWoodland July 1st. Hazy riffs with a good voice that will give you a nostalgic feeling back to 70’s blues/psych. Carefully crafted and a real good sound make Great Rift a must listen. Enjoy
Favorite track: The Godess

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