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Music Dump #16

Again, because there is so much awesome music, a list of things you need to hear, stuff I missed and still needs to be out there. Enjoy some tunes. This is dump number 16.


Goddamn good stuff on the new album “Alter Nature” by BATS. Released october 10.

Hypnos Soma

“Sun Melts My Brain” is the new album by London psych/folk/shoegaze band Hypnos soma. Enter their tippy world now.

Death Cult Electric

Superfast riff frenzy punknoise. Death Cult Electric is ready to take over the world.


Uk psych band Toy returns with a covers album. Tune in for ‘Songs of Consumption’. Released November 15.


The Denver hardcore/punk/noise band released a track called “Ain’t Right”. And it is awesome, yes it is, It is like drinking ten coffees when you are already wade awake. I love it. Out on Convulse Records.

Space Church

Next to the awesome artwork the music is also absolutely cool. Do something with your life and listen to Space Church.


The Mexican fuzz duo Cardiel consists of Miguel Fraino – Guitar/Vocals and Samantha Ambrosio – Drums/Vocals. But for a band with only two members they are surprisingly loud and not just loud, their music is filled with riffs hooks and even some dub, surf and psych. Their latest EP ‘Aloha from Fuzz’ was released in 2017 and needs to be heard.

Acid Reflux

These Dutch dudes know how to make a riff. The trio is called Acid Reflux and released a new EP with the same name. It was released June 27. Tune in for same excellent Dutch stonerdoomer.


The French trio Pelegrin makes the most wonderfull cosmic stoner. Their new album is called ‘Al-Mahruqa’ and is released September 13. Their music is multilayered, filled with good riffs and has that gorgeous cosmic vibe.

‘Al-Mahruqa’ is an album that needs to grow on you, you need to give it time. Once it gets you then you are hooked for a long time. Tune in now.

Alpha Hopper

I kind of missed this release by New York’s noisepunk band Alpha Hopper. Really happy to found them because their riff soaked fuzz is really uplifting and energetic. This is an eleven tracks filled album full of fun and frenzy, I kinda would suggest his album to everyone and everyone who does not like this is a loser and doesn’t like music.

Salvadore Ross

‘The Transfiguration of Salvadore Ross’ is the second album by Dayton, Ohio psych rockers Salvadore Ross. The album was released July 29.

This album is a great mix of sunny psychedelia and heavy rock. 10 tracks of summer psych vibes made by Salvadore Ross.

Check them out now.


Californian rockers Tong released their album “III” on September 30.  Tune in for some good riffin rock.