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Bleak noise on the new Conduit

I got the feeling like i am on a real dark corner on the web when i surf to the Estranged Communications label, the bandcamp page looks dark and eerie, there are no social media links and the music is just downright evil. Wich is good news! Because we like our music evil, noisy, and like my girlfriend always says: depressing.

So let us be despressed and listen to the new album by supergroup Conduit (featuring members of Twin Stumps, White Suns, and others). The album is called ‘Helium 3’.

For fans of Noises.

new music

sonic destruction on the new Conduit

Before checking out Conduit i have to warn you. This is loud and fucking noisy. The bleak and dark noiserock album “Drowning World” was released on September 3. With member of White Suns and Twin Stumps.
Favorite track: Gille De Rais
If you still want more: Fuzzy Sun’s spotify.