New Music by Fast Blood, MAbH, Aiden Baker and Stuart Chalmers / Distant Animals on Cruel nature Records

Cruel Nature Records is a gorgeous label, the stuff that oozes out of the holes of the label is always something special and I really like all the different kind of bands and experimental projects they have. I have shared a lot of the bands on the label and I check out each and every one and sometimes it broadens my view of the stuff I like. Now it seems like thay are really ready for 2021 becaus e they have already released some great stuff and now they have for new upcoming released. In this post I wanted to share them for you, so take your time and tune in.

Fast Blood

Newcastle-upon-Tyne rockers Fast Blood released their first track called ‘You’ from their upcoming same titled EP. The punk track has a great melody, is an instant sing along and shows some expert songwriting from the band. The EP will be out on March 5.

MAbH (Mortuus Auris & the Black Hand)

Peter Taylor aka MabH has been making tons of music since 2008 and now he is going to release an new album called ‘Look Under’ on Cruel Nature on March 5. The first released track is called ‘The Breaking Ground’ and is a calming piece of ambient.

Aiden Baker

I have no idea how many projects, bands, albums or others stuff Aiden Baker has released, all iI know is that I have listen to a lot of his work for a long time and each time it is something complete different. This time the first track ‘Dance of the Entartet’ is a guitar driven track with some psychedelic synths mixed through. Very nice stuff, now I am really curious to hear more from this upcoming album ‘Stimmt’. Also out March 5.

Stuart Chalmers / Distant Animals

A collaboration between two experimental sound artists! And what do you get? A very trippy experimental soundtrack. They are going to release their live album also on March 5. Tune in now.


Sarcastic Burn Victim is angry

On the great label Cruel nature Records comes a new album that is about 30 minutes long with 16 tracks on it. The album by Sarcastic Burn Victim is called ‘Blood & Stomach Pills’ and is out now.

This album is extremely brutal but also very varied. From evil experimental heaviness, noise, jazz from the pits of hell and in your face grindcore. Only thirty minutes but a real blast to listen too. Tune in now.




Sarcastic Burn Victim attacks all senses

On the great label Cruel nature Records comes a new album that is about 30 minutes long with 16 tracks on it. The album is called’Blood & Stomach Pills’ and I think you may have an ideal already about how this will sound. Yes, you are correct, it sounds like an ice cream truck with a broken horn that crashed into broken glass. It is gorgeous. Tune in for the first 30 second track Banzai Kablooey And The Cockatoo Banana House. This beast will be out January 29.



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Lump Hammer release ‘Beast’ on Cruel Nature Records

First time I heard Lump Hammer was on the very destructive split ‘Whelmed’ with Bodies on Everest wich was pretty damn great. So this trio is now back with music deep from the pits of Hell, eeeum, Tyneside (UK) I mean.

The first track ‘Alarm’ is a great introduction to Lump Hammer. It lets you know this music is pretty damn nuts. the track gives me this image of a fat viking yelling frustrated from the top of a mountain but then with sludge riffs in the background with now and then a fastpaced grindcore piece mixed through it.

If you expect that this track is the loudest or the weirdest then you are quite wrong. It seems Lump Hammer specializes in experimental sludge with a pinch of weirdness. The sounds on ‘Beast’ are destructive yet healing for mind and soul.

Out on Cruel Nature Records (Cassette too) and Inverted Grim-Mill Recordings.

Favourite tracks: ‘Where?’ and ‘Slide’




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First track ‘Underachiever’ by Lump Hammer on Cruel Nature Records

First time I heard Lump Hammer was on the very destructive split ‘Whelmed’ with Bodies on Everest wich was pretty damn great. So this trio is now back with music deep from the pits of Hell, eeeum, Tyneside (UK) I mean.

The track is called ‘Underachiever’ and is sludgy noiserock with a kind of blacky metal vocals. For five minutes a dirty riff keeps slamming against your head and you need it, I know you need it.

The full album is called quite fitting ‘Beast’ and will be released soon on Cruel Nature Records.




Lovely Wife release ‘Best in Show’ on Cruel Nature Records

I was kinda honored when I heard I could premiere a track from Lovely Wife. Bands like them, who make this heavy sludgy doom and psych without caring what anyone thinks, is the stuff I really like.The track I premiered was ‘Shan Patter’ and now the full album is out on Cruel Nature Records.

Now, how to get in to this band: The first track is called ‘Ioniser’ and is the perfect appetizer for the rest of the album. The track is almost 23 minutes long and starts with this ominous droney and saxy sound, evil vocals soon join the game, drums make it even more scary. Everything gets faster and dirtier and more awesome. Now when the track is done you will agree with mee that this is pretty near perfect doomnoise. ‘My Cup Overfloweth’ is more of the same doom but with a funky bassline. Slow excrutiating doom on ‘Shan Patter’, ‘Shenanigans’ is fast paced evilness, ‘Wallow’ is juast sad and ‘Horn’ has a horn wich is pretty freakin awesome.

Their new album ‘Best in Show’ is an original take on doom filled with eerie vibes. Out on Cruel Nature Records.






Exclusive track premiere: ‘Shan Patter’ by Lovely Wife

There are a lot of things that make me happy, like eating pizza after swimming, eating pizza, making pizza, doing a golden drop, drinking and a lot of other hobbystuff you don’t care about. But what makes me really happy is really dirty and heavy music and the UK band Lovely Wife are absolute experts at this. They released their previous album ‘Audible Beef’ in 2019 (wich ended on my end of the year list) and was a perfect piece of filthy music. Now I am really happy to not only share you the new track but to premiere it on Fuzzy Sun! The track is called ‘Shan Patter’  and is a beast! The good thing about this band is that you can hear that they don’t give a fuck about genres, they just do their thing and they own it, the music they make (wich ‘Shan Patter’ is a good example of) is so eerie, dark and extremely heavy.

Vocals that rumble and mumble from the pits of hell, the bass so heavy makes this music almost ritualistic.

The track is onthe album ‘Best In Show’ wich will be released by Cruel Nature Records on 3 July 2020.





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UK label Cruel Nature Records

Every year I come across some labels I did not know before and who open up a new world for me. This year it was Cruel Nature Records, a casette label from Newcastle Upon Tyne that is run by Steve Strode who specializes in experimental stuff, harshnoise, punk as well as heavy noise rock and other goodies.

Before Cruel Nature Records Steve Strode ran a vinyl label but due to the expenses he could not release whatever he wanted. So came Cruel Nature in 2013 wich is only cassettes and gives Steve more creative freedom. And that is what you get, there is some really crazy and cool stuff on there that needs to be heard. Some releases are brutal some are more easy to listen to.

There are a lot of bands on it so I will choose only a couple. All the rest you can check out yourself you bunch of lazy bums.

But be aware, the label starts out with brutal harsh noise and as it gets older there are more and more genres introduced. So have a little patience for once and don’t go directly to the end.

Roadside Picnic

I am going to pick this one because i really loved the book Roadside Picnic by  Arkady and Boris Strugatsky. The music is something else though. This sounds like my broken washing machine. This seems to be one of the first releases on the label in 2013. is it experimental, well I guess so.

Nik Hb

now I am going to jump to 2014, just skipping a crapload of noise cassettes and just pick this one, first of all because of the cover art that looks like a cute bear that is mad and maybe one of the first releases that isnt extreme noise. The Ep is called “#edgeofthebed” and is a drone/ambient record that was released June 30, 2014.

頭足類 (Tōsokurui no)

頭足類 (Tōsokurui no), is the debut album from人柱二 (Hitobashira ni). I chose this because I have a list called “The Cosmic Side of Japan” filled with stuff like this, and I never heard of this band. It seems to be a Japanoise, drone/kraut band formed English horror film critic & writer James Patrick Blackden Marriott. This is very awesome and has as a bonus very great artwork.


Waheele is a acid postmetal thing band and released an album in 2014 but also in 2019 on Cruel Nature Records and it is pretty good stuff.


Another band with a new release in 2019. A very cool band that fuses spaghetti punk with surf noise.


This is an Argentinian noiserock band heavily influenced by Sonic Youth with a punk vibe. It seems to be the second album from the duo and is an entertaining piece of work.

Sly and the Family Drone

this is one of those magnificent bands, their 2019 release “Gentle Persuaders” ended really high up on my best of 2019 list. So it is great to sea a release of them here too.


“Throwing Chunks” by Dirt is one dough of mixed genres put in the oven on 180 degrees and you get one hell of a fuzzy cake.

Lovely Wife

There it is, Lovely Wife, one of my favourite bands on Cruel Nature records. There are two releases on the label by this incredibly good band. Head on psychedelic doomnoise rock of the highist order.


Thank is extremely good. This album is pure fun, a really good mix of punk and heaviness. Thank enden with their new album really high on my end of the year list too. gooddomn glorious stuff.

Snakes Don’t Belong in Alaska

This band has been posted on Fuzzy Sun a lot. their hypnotic psych never dissapoints.

Bodies on Everest

The noise on Bodies of Everest is always welkcome in my life. It doesn’t make me happy though.

Workin’ Man Noise Unit

This was one of the better rock releases of 2018. Was welcomed really good by all kinds of press too.

Modern Technology

The perfect marriage between postpunk and noiserock is made by Modern Technology and you can get the cassette here.


another great release this year was the new one from Tankengine. Raw punk and noise.

Kombynat Robotron / Snakes Don’t Belong In Alaska

pure and epic psychedelic drone. this is a match made in Heaven.


This is a short overview of my favourite released on Cruel nature Records. I can only recommend you to listen to more of their stuff, dig deeper and buy some of the stuff on there.




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A Wreck So Clean

‘A Wreck So Clean’ is the latest album by postnoiserockers Waheela. Their new album is out on the excellent Cruel Nature Records. They have quite a special sound, drone and ambient are combined with screams and noiserock. This is quite something to wrap your head around. Tune in for the eerie vibes that come off  ‘A Wreck So Clean’ by Waheela.


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Kombynat Robotron / Snakes Don’t Belong In Alaska

Ok, every year i discover new labels that release the stuff i really love and I think I found my new favorite label. It is called Cruel Nature Records and I will soon post a special on the label but first I want to introduce this split between Kombynat Robotron and Snakes Don’t Belong In Alaska. Both are really excellent bands that deal in cosmic sounds. Kombynar Robotron is a German kraut and psych band that gives us the track ‘Seltsame Attraktoren’ and Snakes Don’t Belong In Alaska is the UK band that just released a double LP with Junzo Suzuki.

Both tracks are exquisite and absolutely trippy!





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Audible Beef by Lovely Wife

Very dirty noise/doomrocking band Lovely Wife is back with a new record called ‘Audible Beef’.

The UK band make destructive music with hints of noiserock and doom. On their new album their are two tracks each about 20 minutes long.

‘Audible Beef’ was released May 3 on Cruel Nature Records and should be bought by everyone that likes their music gritty and dirty.



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