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Music Dump #11

Another dump of the most awesome music.


Deafkids released a split EP with Rakta, and that was the first time to have heard of the band. And I saw they released a new ablum in April called ‘Falha Comum’. Immersive yourself in the soundscapes of this very special album.

Dead Rider

a new track by Chicago rockers Dead Rider from the forthcoming split with A bunch of Dead People. Digital from Drag City 7″ split from Floordoor records. Buy here

De Lorians

Everything that comes out on the Beyond Beyond is Beyond label is worth checking out. and so is this Japanese Psychedelic jazz band De Lorians. Their new self titled album is out June 26. Tune in for some mellow psych.

The Orange Kyte

The Orange Kyte began as a single-a-month collaboriteve project. ittle Cloud Records, released the single compilation LP ‘Grow It Right’ in 2017 and the first studio LP, “The Orange Kyte Says Yes!” in 2018. In October we can expect the new album ‘Carousel’. Tune in for the new hazy organ-driven track ‘Distractions’.

Chelsea Wolfe

Check out ‘American Darkness’ from her upcoming album “Birth of Violence”, available September 13th on Sargent House.

School Disco

The UK band School Disco has been on Fuzzy Sun a couple of times with their garage/surf/psych sound. Everything they release is a fun and fuzzy rollercoaster. ‘Shooting in the Dark’ is a new single from their upcoming debut album.


The new Possessor track brings me as much joy as a pizza with a fresh beer.


the new album by Spotlights is called ‘Light & Decay’ and is out on Ipecac. Watch the new video for the track ‘Mountains are Forever’.

Charcoal Burners

‘The Best Day You Could Imagine’ is the latest album by New Zealand indie rockers Charcoal Burners. Tune in for some Dinosaur Jr. vibes!


Fuzzy and vintage sounds on the new single by Elson, the Leeds based singer songwriter. Tune in for the new track ‘Closer Too’.

The Sheen

Frenzy music for lost souls.

Grey Hairs

Check out the new video from Grey Hairs. The track is called ‘Piss Transgressor’ and comes from their upcoming album “Health & Social Care” out on August 2nd 2019 on Gringo Records. Pre-order here:…

Acid Fuzz Factory

superfuzzy doom on the new album ‘The Shadow’ by Acid Fuzz Factory. Released July 20.


new music

The Great Music Dump #8

Starting the Great Music Dump is the Orlando garage/rocknroll band The Spoon Dogs. Their latest self titled album is filled with good fuzzy rocknroll tunes.

Greece stoner/psych band Go released their self-titled on May 2 and its filled with fuzzed out psychedelic riffs and solos. Go produces some very fine tripping music, you need to play this loud and play this now.

A new track by the Norwegian fuzz rockers Dune Sea. Their Self Titled will be released May 3.

On Beyond Beyond Beyond Records comes a new band from Tokyo called De Lorians. Their first track of psychedelic jazz fusion is shared before the release of their new S/T album out June 26.


New Zealand garagerockers Echo Ohs shared a single from their upcoming EP ‘Wild Weeds’ wich will be released in July. Check out the track ‘Fools’.

Four track of about 11 minutes a piece on the new EP by the french doom band Praÿ. This self titled EP is filled with the most gorgeous psych solos and heavy doom riffs.

Seattle doom band Diyu released their self titled on April 20. Tun in for some excellent tripped out doom.

Noisy garage punk by the French band Frank Racket. Tune in and check out their latest album ‘Screaming Skull’.

Heavy psych band BansheeVa released their new self titled album February 8. Tune in for some noisy psychedelic atmosphere.

Psychedelic stonerrock from Argentina. Tune in for the album ‘Guadal’ by Superfat. Fuzzed out riffs and psychedelic guitarwork. the album was released May 7, 2019.

Psychedelic doom by the french band Orbis. ‘Eternal Absurd Cycle’ was released May 18.

Wizard Rifle will release their S/T album on Svart Records, out on August 30. Tune in for the track ‘Rocket To Hell’.

new music on the Danish label Virkelighedsfjern by  Spacedoomband Heathe. 38 minutes of experimental doom and space music.

On June 21 Hex Machine will release their new album ‘Cave Painting’. Tune in for the first three tracks before the release.