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Dead Neanderthals too release ‘Rat Licker’

I am always excited to see a new release by this Dutch duo. Dead Neanderthals have released an immense amount of music already and all of it is in the realm of experimental noise and drone and stuff like that. This time I am really excited because the first two excerpts from the album are already out and they are brutal, more brutal then most of their music. The shitty year of 2020 has been an inspiration on this record and you can goddamn feel it. This is fucking brutal. ‘Rat Licker’ will be out April Second.

FFO: Sly and the Family Drone, Twin Sister, Wart Biter.


Two is more than enough to form a band

Sometimes I hear these bands that have only two humans in it and they make more noise then half an orchestra and I am always amazed how much energy and noise they produce with only two. And since I love lists (i know i know) I made a list! Mostly noiserock duos and I am sure I forgot about an awful lot so help out a bit and let me know who I forgot. Tune in for a list of loud duos (maybe next time I will do a list with one man bands)

Vandal X

Who better to start with then the Belgian duo Vandal X, godfathers of Belgian Noiserock. Check them out and if you need more Belgian noiserock, tune in for The Big Belgian Noiserocklist.


The duo from Boston has recently made a split with the duo Greylocks that is really awesome.

Lightning Bolt

Ah Yes ofcourse Lightning Bolt! Probaly the best known noiserock duo making extremely awesome noise with only two dudes since the beginning of sound.


This one is so awesome. Relentless fast paced Japanese noiserock! Melt-Banana is also on my ridiculously long list called ‘The Cosmic side of Japan’.


From Leeds, These ones make absolutely brutal riff fueled heaviness.

Dead Neanderthals

From The Netherlands, not really noiserock but I really love their experimental noise/doom/whatever. Really good band.

Plague Organ

Dutch Duo wich has a member from Dead Neandertals, very evil music, watch yourselves.

Mr. Phylzzz

Cincinnati duo that released music on AmRep.

Dirty Junk

Aha! my favourite duo! Ended on my end of the year list of 2020 too, extremely heavy, extremely loud.


Thrashy riffs rom Bristol.

Modern Technology

Their latest album ‘Service Provider’ is an absolute beast and still plays a lot at my place. From London. On My end of the year list of 2020.

Venus Twins

Brooklyn twin making hell of a racket.

Pure Adult

some punk, nowave, noiserock all mixed together by this New York duo.

Lindblom & Lindblom

Swedish instrumental duo

Marine Todd

Really cool this duo, loud dont care noiserock. From Pennsylvania.


Dirty garagenoise from New Hampshire


Meet the loudest duo from Australia!


Really good noiserock from Chicago!

Big Business

Sludgy doom rock from California.

Acid Cannibals

The Glasgow duo that makes something between spacerock and noiserock.

Heavy Natural

From The Netherlands with a member from Dead Neanderthals. Blackened Punk?


Very heavy bass driven noisepunk from Lille.

Bronson Arm

Bronson Arm plays heavy, punk fueled noiserock. The band consists of only of two dudes named Blake Bickel and Garrett Yates and it seems they don’t need no one else because they do a goddamn great job

Health Plan

Steve Hodson (Blacklisters/USA Nails) and Dan Holloway are the duo that form Health Plan and on the 7th of may they are about the release their new self titled album on Buzzhowl and Nim Brut

Yellow Bulb.

Travis Kuhlman (formerly of Buildings and currently of DUG) and Drew Haddon (also of High Marks, Warning Light) have made an album when they were isolated somewhere in the pandemic.


Cassels is a UK duo of two brothers Jim and Loz Beck and they make punk/noiserock with spoken work.


Two Florida brothers that make the most incredible psych.


Always glad when I see a new release Hominid Sounds and now its the Norfolk duo that sounds like its a six headed band.

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Dead Neanderthals release ‘Cosmic Slime’

I have shared a lot of music from the Dutch duo Dead Neanderthals on this website and I am surte I will keep doing that because this two dudes create the most awesome atmospheric experimental drone music. Sometimes it leans to death metal and sometimes to pure drone but this one is evil drone and doom and again they create this eerie feeling. Tune in and listen for yourselves.

I got a pretty sexy sax list going on where Dead Neanderthals are already on, but their new stuff is on now too. Check it Out.

FFO: Sly and the Family Drone, Twin Sister, Wart Biter.

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Plague Organ release ‘Orphan’

This is the new band with members from death metal deliriants Crypate, Imperial Cult, Dead Neanderthals and more. As a big fan of the gloom and doom by  Dead Neanderthals I always check out their side projects and this one is quite something. First of all I was blown away by the cover art, truly amazing work. I had heard the expert and was instantly a fan, now the whole shabam is out, and it is truly marvelous/disgusting. Forty minutes of evil depressing music, eerie atmospheres, here and there some piggish deep grunts, well you know, everything to make a great evil records

Plague Organ is mezmerizing. Tune in now.

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Plague Organ

This is the new band with members from death metal deliriants Crypate, Imperial Cult, Dead Neanderthals and more. As a big fan of the gloom and doom by  Dead Neanderthals I always check out their side projects and this one is quite something. First of all I was blown away by the cover art, truly amazing work. Their is only one track and its something of  40 minutes in length and for now we have to do it with an excerpt of two minutes, but it sounds absolutely brutal!


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A Fresh and Really Big Dump #1

This painfully big dump is full of awesome stuff, I added more hardcore too because hardcore is cool. I started the dump series because I can’t follow with the stream of awesome music and lately I decide to add more stuff. A bit more hardcore punk and experimental weirdo stuff. So these dumps will certainly get bigger an more nasty. Check out the new updated dump, The Fresh and Really Big Dump.


Starting with some nice hardcore. Stoploss shared their new album ‘WANDER. DEFY. RELENT. DECAY.’. This is probably written in capital letters because they mean to yell, the yell the whole album through. its pretty great. Out on Constant Disappointment Records.


The debut album ‘D.A.M.N.’ by Greenmachine was released by Japanese label TASTE Recs. [T/CD-1] in 1996. Two years later it was released by the US cult label Man’s Ruin [MR103CD], with cover artwork designed by graphic artist/label owner Frank Kozik.
In 2003 Japan’s DIWPHALANX [PX-103] added “+3” to the title and re-released this beast once again. In 2020 Robustfellow invited two finest labels: Riff Merchant and Long Legs Long Arms to cover the globe with analogue sludgecore tunes, starting with “D.A.M.N.”
This is the first release of this album on vinyl in 24 years on Robust Relics Series.


You have to check this out, this experimental noiserockshow is absolutely awesome. Their music is as cool as their name.


This French band released a new album called ‘Toutes Ces Horreurs’ and is some kind of mix between hardcore grindcore and absolute agressiveness.


Don’t have a lot of info about this but it sure is some cool punk. Tune in for ‘Too Punk For Heavy metal by ISS.

Midnight Coven

Midnight Coven sounds like these creepy gothic punkers that are drinking on your local graveyard scaring all the mothers away.


This is so angry.

Venomous Concept

It is four years ago since we heard new music by Venomous Concept (members of Napalm Death and Brutal Truth). Their new album “Politics Versus the Erection” will  release August 28, 2020 on Season of Mist. Check out the first track.


In need of some old school riffs, solos and hardcore? Cro-Mags got you covered with their new album ‘In The Beginning’.

Dead Neanderthals

Dutch experimental duo released a 27 minute Death & Drone recording called ‘Blood Rite’ initially meant to play live on Roadburn festival.

Utech Records · Dead Neanderthals “Blood Rite”


“Devil Uptown” is a previously unreleased outtake from the recordings for the album “Hands on the Controls”. It is the last of the known Coachwhips outtakes to be released. It’s slow, bluesy, and druggy, with the signature drum sound from HOTC.
“Devil Uptown” was paired with 3 previously unreleased rough demos

The Uplifting Bell Ends

A remaster of ‘Super Giant & World Music Oddities’ that was released in 2015. Out on  Third Eye Stimuli Records and Six Tonnes Des Chairs.

Eye Make The Horizon

Some high quality psych jazz for you. Tune in the hear the new album ‘Electric Remains’ by these Swedish musicians.


A fresh dose of trippy acid drenched punk by the  punk band from the southern-most state of Chiapas. Their first track ‘Mi Ggeneracion’ is out now. it is taken from their upcoming 7 inch ‘Brujas, Cholas E Inventadas’.

Shining Bird

Kinda addicted to this track by Shining Bird.The sax in it makes this track so goddamn trippy. Tune in for ‘Deadlands’.






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Sex Swing release their ominous new album ‘Type II’ on Rocket Recordings

“Type II” is out on Rocket Recordings! The album by Sex Swing (members an contributers from Mugstar, Bonnacons of a Doom, Part Chimp, Dethscalator, Earth, Dead Neanderthalls and Idles and who the hell knows who else) is released and is a ominous feast. The music Sex Swing makes is something in the psych/noise/postpunk spectrum but it is pretty bleak, their is an unnerving atmopshere throughout the whole album. The thing that does it most for me is the sax in the music, the music is already very layered  but with the addition of Colin Webster’s sax the music is downright scary. This album has a lot of dimensions and is one of those albums you need to listen to a couple of times to hear how good it actually is, all these different artist have put their signature wich makes it extremely original and a true feast to listen too.


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Almost Sex Swing time!

It is time for the third Sex Swing track before the release of their album “Type II” on May 15 on Rocket Recordings. Over the years they had members from Mugstar, Bonnacons of a Doom, Part Chimp, Dethscalator, Earth, Dead Neanderthalls and Idles and I don’t know who else. Their first track was called “Valentine’s Day At The Gym”, the second “The Passover” and now their released their third track “Skimmington Ride”. The band continues on the track of fuzzed out and noisy experimental psychedelia. This occult sounding track has something of an eerie hypnotic vibe to it, their music is quite addictive and, honestly, gives me a bit of the creeps.


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Second Sex Swing

This is the second Sex Swing track from their upcoming album “Type II”. Over the years they had members from Mugstar, Bonnacons of a Doom, Part Chimp, Dethscalator, Earth, Dead Neanderthalls and Idles and I don’t know who else. Their first track was called “Valentine’s Day At The Gym” and now their released their secodn track “Passover”. The band continues on the track of fuzzed out and noisy experimental psychedelia. These two tracks are very phnotic and promise much good for the full album wich will be released May 15. Accompanied with tasty video.


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Hypnotic new Sex Swing

Funny, but for some strange reason my previous post of Sex Swing’s self titled album in 2016 got me the most views. It is like a crapload of people where explicitly searching for this band on google.

In 2017 the band released a 7″ split with Clinic too. The music that Sex Swing makes is kinda perfect for me, they mix fuzzed out psychedelia ,noiserock and postpunk and experiment with these genres. Over the years they had members from Mugstar, Bonnacons of a Doom, Part Chimp, Dethscalator, Earth, Dead Neanderthalls and Idles and I don’t know who else is in this band, Jesus maybe?

Now it is time for new music, they shared the first new track “Valentine’s Day At The Gym” from their upcoming album “Type II” wich will be released  May 12 on Rocket Recordings!

Is this going to be one of the best noises of the year? quite possible, the first track is hypnotic krautnoise at its best. Tune in for this spectaculair piece of music now.


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Twin Sister ready to fry your brain

Ah, when I read that this band is compromised of Jason Stoll (Mugstar, Bonnacons of Doom, Sex Swing, Klamp) together with Otto and Rene from Dead Neanderthals I knew I was in for a treat. This debut album from Twin Sister will be released April 17 on God Unknown Records. The first track is out and is called “Drab” wich is 6 minutes of eerie doom and drone. Again bleak stuff, but what did you expect of such a trio!

Geen fotobeschrijving beschikbaar.

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Dead Neanderthals gift us “Mankind”

Dead Neanderthals is a band I am a bit addicted too, if they are too long gone I feel an itch and that itch needs to be scratched and luckily Dead Neanderthals release a lot of music. “Ghost” was released back in September and ended on my end of the year list because of its eerie amazingness. This band is best at creating hypnotic atmospheres and they can do this with ambient, noise, metal or weirdness all together, but they always succeed. On their new track that is called “Mankind” and is 13 minutes long they succeed again. Hypnotic drone rock bordering on the post metal at its best.

Tune in and enjoy.

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Dead Neanderthals release ‘Ghost’

I really like the moment I press play on a new Dead Neanderhals record. They release a lot of music, so that moment they release something new has become someting sacred for me. I know I have to be in a specific headspace to start to listen to a full record of them. The  music they make is mostly challenging and it always has a darker side to it, an eerie vibe. So this time it was me and my headphones late at night in an armchair ready to let 40 minutes of experimental stuff take me over.

This time the Dutch band (Otto and René) are collaborating with Scott Hedrick from Skeleton Witch so I thought it would be some kind of metal influenced album. But no, it isn’t and that is what makes this band so great. The first track ‘Bone Hill’ is 20 minutes and extremely intense, the building of the track is slow and excrutiating adding only layers when absolutely necessary. ‘Death Bell’ is more atmosheric and magical and erupts in an epic explosion in the end.

Again a magnificent record for the lover of the experimental, weird and intense.

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Dead Neanderthals strike again

Every now and then there is a radio that i am forced to listen to, these same easy pop tunes and repetitions of those same artists every hour make me depressed and frustrated.
Luckily i can choose my own music most of the time. And this time i choose 12 minutes of ominous drone and drums from Dead Neanderthals.  Because of some very weird reason this makes me happy.
After their last release called ‘Life’ comes ‘Birth’.

She felt like she lost all of her humanity, which was strange because she still had the same thoughts as before. Who changed her appearance?


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Heavy Natural releases heavy punk noise

noisepunk duo Heavy Natural (with René Aquarius from Dead Neanderthals,Cryptae) released a self titled album. But watch out, the thing is so agressive that it comes alive, jumps out of your speakers and tries to eat your ears of. A casserole of wild punk, screeching black metal, a bit of noise and some 80’s pop makes up for one good sonic meal. Absolutely gorgeous.
Favorite tracks: Leak and Hide

FB Page

foto van Heavy Natural.

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Sly & the Family Drone + Dead Neanderthals / Mai Mai Mai Split

The splits that come from God Unknown Records are always remarkable. A great overwhelming track from Sly & the Family Drone + Dead Neanderthals. Together they seem to succeed in something even more intense. The second track is by Mai Mai Ma, wich is possibly even denser. It is of great importance to put this as loud as you can, the sensation of your brain melting when listening to these tracks is something special.


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Experimental musicians Dead Neanderthals

The Dutch experimental duo Dead Neanderthals deals in noise, minimal, drone and other obscure genres. Frequently releasing great music (the one more sinister than the other) we now get aother track. This thing is called ‘Life’ with a duration of 36 minutes. The mostly present sax and drums on other albums you will not find on ‘Life’. prepare to get the life sucked out of you with these ominous sounds. amazing coverart by Alexis Zirrit.


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You could see the panic in his eyes. What would happen if they found out he wasn’t dead yet? What would happen if they found out he wasn’t even human?

Dead Neanderthals are great. They make this  experimental noisejazz stuff and when they bring out more music i am always happy. listen to it loud and enjoy the track Organ Donor.