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Dump #29

There is some really interesting stuff on this dump, this one as a real mess of genres, wach out for weird noise, fuzzy afrobeat, Azerbaijani electric guitars and more.

Tereao Urogallus

This is excellent fuzzrock with afrobeat and occult rock influences. In the same style as The Budos Band. This is a really fine track that is out on Color Red Records qand I hope to hear more of them soon.

Rüstəm Quliyev

It does not have to be all the same music on this website so I introduce you Rüstəm Quliyev, the sadly since 2015 deceased Azerbaijani electric guitar player. “Azerbaijani Gitara” is out on Swiss label Bongo Joe


Thou released and is releasing a lot of new music and a lot of new covers too and this is ‘Them Bones’ from Alice in Chains which is featured on the forthcoming MER Redux series installment “Dirt [Redux]” from magnetic eye records.

Radical Kitten

A queer and feminist, riot postpunk diy band from Toulouse, south of France? Yes please! Radical Kitten is to release their new album ‘Silence is Violence’ on October 16. Listen to the track ‘Wrong’ now.

Arcadian Child

Cyprus psych rockers Arcadian Child are to release a new album called ‘Protopsycho’ on October 9 on Rebel Waves Record. Listen to two new tracks before the release.

Swing Kids

90’s punk band Swing Kids from the Three One G label. check out the vid ‘Fake Teeth’ from their Anthology album.

Rid Of Me

First track from the demo Ep that was written during quarantine. Some of these tracks will be on the forthcoming album. Some epic punkrock by Rid of Me.

Astronotun Bir Günü – Cheers To Future Good Days

Psychedelic garagerock from Istanbul! Out on Kafadan Kontakt.


I think Trece is a Mexican band that makes punky garage noisy stuff. ‘La Higiene Humana’ is their new thingy and it is pretty damn cool.

CCR Headcleaner

The first track from the upcoming album ‘Street Riffs’ by CCR Headcleaner is out and is some fuzzy garagy music. Tune in now. Out September 4 on In The Red Records.

Those Fucking Snowflakes

new video from the noisy punkrockers from the track ‘Boris Johnson and the Big Red Bus of Bullshit’ taken from their EP ‘Straight Wealthy White Male Suffrage’.

40 Proof

40 Proof sounds angry, certainly if you look at a couple of their song titles like ‘Walmart America, ‘Fucked Up’ and ‘Broke My Ass’. Pretty damn fun to listen at though.


Dense makes this heavy, gloomy psych/garage that borders on that borders on metal. Tune in for their latest track ‘Dread’ wich is quite agressive.

Eye of Doom

This Vancouver doom band will release their new album ‘Curse of the Pharoah’ on September 25. Eye of doom has this fuzzy guitar sounds wich makes it so good and the strong vocals makes this epic doom.

Torrid Horror

This band has a quite unique sound, quite difficult to pin down. They sound a bit like a garagerock band but more fun, with synths and postpunk vibes. Its Wweird, it’s fun, you should check it out.


This band has been on Fuzzy Sun once and it is because they have a pretty cool, weird sound. It has a bit Death Grips and Ho99o9 vibes, lots of noise, and a bleak atmossphere. Time to check it out.

new music

Dump #19: The Last Dump of 2019

Another batch of incredible cool music. This is number 19 and the last dump of the year. So embrace yourself for some energetic tunes to get through the holidays.


Peruvian noiserocker Fukuyama released their new EP “Los días son aterradoramente calmos”. Tune in for some loud stuff.


The psychedelic folk dou Elkhorn released some music on Beyond Beyond iss Beyond. And I am happy to tell you they are back with new music. Their guitar work is soothing and filled with passion. “The Storm Sessions” will be out February 7, 2020.

The Orange Kyte

watch the video “Infinity Rope” from their latest album “Carousel” released on Little Cloud Records.

Night Goat

Night Goat release a rather awesome video for the track “The Greys”. I think you should watch, yes, I think so.

Fucking Lovely

This is from a member of the noiserockband 72%. There are two tracks available and they are pretty agressive. Sounds to me this guy maybe a bit mad about stuff. But to balance it out the moneyz of this will go to his local food bank.


Trio from Leeds playing very dirty garage/psych. Tune in for two heavy tracks.


Two piece band playing crunchy rocknroll. This is their video from the Snakerattlers album on Dirty Water Records “All Heads Will Roll”.

Kim Gordon

Kim Gordon is one of the best artists of this year without a doubt. She made a video for the ‘Earthquake’ track from her album ‘No Home Record’. check it out.

Psychedelic Porn Crumpets

Another video from a great band. The Australian psych rockers Psychedelic Porn Crumpets released the video “Dezi’s Adventure” from their latest album ‘And Now For The Whatchamacallit’.


The French garagerockers Opinion released their latest album “Desire, Perfume & Slowly” on December 20. It is a fuzzed out garagerock record that is a blast to listen to.


Have you always had that gnawing feeling you just missed a little bit of Bulgarian noiserock? well you are in luck. Feedbacker makes noiserock and is from Bulgaria and released an album in October.


“Cutting Pieces” is the album by experimental noise and doom band Gnaw. This is their third full length and is quite impressive. Expect lots of noise, lots of it.