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Dutch psychfolk Heavy Wipped Cream make feel good music

With their vintage psychedelic vibe Heavy Wipped Cream made an album that sounds like summer, you can feel the sunshine through this album. The Dutch band has not only a very good bandname but also have very nice cover art for their freshly released EP ‘A Mouthful’. This is really nice to listen to and I am very curious what more this album will bring. The only thing I hope is that they get their sound a little bit dirtier, a bit more raw and psych in the future. It is so nice that it sounds a little too polished. Listen for yourself and enjoy this hazy album.

new music

Dutch Garagepunkers Charlie & The Lesbians

If you are in the mood for some dirty garagerocking punk then Charlie & The Lesbians is the right band for you.

It feels like the catchy happy tunes they make are thrown in the mud, then thrown in a grinder and finally made into an audio file.

Check out their latest work ‘Paper Trail of Happiness’. This was released February one on Bottom Shelf Records.

Great, dirty stuff you need to listen to.

Afbeelding kan het volgende bevatten: 4 mensen, staande mensen en schoenen

new music

Scalps by Noiserockers Bonne Aparte

I forgot to pay my bills for internet so the bastards cut me off for three days. First work when it went back on was playing this album as loud as possible (to extreme annoyance to the rest of my little family since they have a bad music taste).
I suggest you do the same. Play the Dutch noiserockers loud and enjoy and buy it on bandcamp.
Out through Luik records.




new music

Dutch rockers Beroerte release “Gezond Verstand”

Beroerte previously released their first track “Zeilen” and i cannot get the track out of my head.  Hopefully a new track from their full length will replace it and bring some new noise in my head. Beroerte mixes garage rock, catchy tunes and some filthy stoner riffs in their new album. “Gezond Verstand” is an absolute pleasure to have on repeat.  2018 can not go wrong anymore with Beroerte.
New favorite track after Zeilen: Nooit