new music

Prana Crafter/Tarotplane, Electric Moon/Terminal Cheesecake, NANI∞GURU, TENGGER and Nebula

I can’t follow with all these new releases. There is just so much new goods. So here is a batch thrown together for you. Enjoy.

Prana Crafter & Tarrotplane

Prana Crafter (William Sol) has been a couple of times on Fuzzy Sun. His cosmic music is captivating and always new and refreshing. His Album ‘Enter The Stream’ was one of my favorites. Tarotplane (PJ Dorsey) has been releasing music on different European labels too, his latest was a contribution on the Hypnic Jerk Label for Splixtape.

Now both of them will release and ‘Symbiose’ that will be released on August 16. Tune in for the first track by Prana Crafter alled ‘Jagged Mountain Melts at Dawn part I’.

Electric Moon / Terminal Cheesecake

This is a split release called ‘In Search Of Highs Volume 3’ on the great Riot Season Records.  Again with two excellent bands. Electric Moon just released a live album called ‘Hugodelia’ and Terminal Cheesecake released their gorgeous new album ‘La Sacre Du Lievre’. And now we get a split by these two bands that we can expect to land on June 14.

Listen to ‘Beacon Light Hereafter’ by Electric Moon.


For me it is clear that Riot Season Records is going for the win. They release psych and noiserock of the greatest quality and they do not slow down and they do not deviate from their path. This time a release by NANI∞GURU wich is Kawabata Makoto & Satoshima Nani. This release that will be sold only on tape and is seems that it is already sold out.

Tune in for psychedelic bliss by these cosmic masters.


‘Spiritual 2’ is the new album by TENGGER.  The band is made of the Pan-Asian couple itta and Marqido. ‘Spiritual 2’ is made of  Kraut, electronics and blissfull sounds. Out on the Beyond Beyond is Beyond label June 7. Order your copy now.


10 years we had to wait to hear a new Nebula album and finally it has arrived. ‘Holy Shit’ is released on Heavy Psych Sounds on June 7. play loud and enjoy some desert fuzz!