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Weird, loud and awesome

I love myself some immensly loud and extreme music or weird and experimental. I noticed I have been sharing more and more noiserock and psych but less and less weirdo music. So as of today their will be more weirdness and loudness. here are some bands to start with.


Newcastle/Japan based Shrimp expanded their linup with Erika Leaman from Blóm (wich made my favourite album of the year so far)  and Rob Woodcock (Platemaker). Together They make this glorious noise, an attack on your  eardrums. it so fun, listen to it you shellfish.

White Boy Scream

This is what happens when an Operasinger and composer goes experimentel. Noise, electronics and classical elements on her latest release ‘Bakunawa’.

Plastiglomerate/Territorial Gobbing

The bandnames and titles alone are making me happy. Territorial Gobbing is a member of Thank and he made this noise album with Newcastle artist Plastiglomerate. Tune in for some weird noisesss. Out on Muzai Records.

10Way Split 2020 on Epileptic Media

I covered Epeliptic Media a couple of times on Fuzzy Sun already. They kinda release the most varied stuff, from chill psychedelia to weirdo noise. Perfect to taste some new music.


This may be for the die hard, or the crazy persons out their, Estranged Communications label hase released the most extreme music, from fucked up noiserock to destructive harsh noise. Enter if you dare, these are the latest releases.


Nothing better then a heavy dose of chaotic noiserock. The new album by Faucet is called ‘Bitter Insane Melting’ and is really really fun to listen too.


Some absolute experimental weirdness, industrial noise and electronic strange noises.



new music

Bleak noise on the new Conduit

I got the feeling like i am on a real dark corner on the web when i surf to the Estranged Communications label, the bandcamp page looks dark and eerie, there are no social media links and the music is just downright evil. Wich is good news! Because we like our music evil, noisy, and like my girlfriend always says: depressing.

So let us be despressed and listen to the new album by supergroup Conduit (featuring members of Twin Stumps, White Suns, and others). The album is called ‘Helium 3’.

For fans of Noises.

new music

Noisy deathrock by Tangent

The Philadelphia band Tangent released their first track from their upcoming album ‘302’. the track ‘Fatal Code’ is a bleak and noisy track.

The band clearly puts out music for the dark minds and the noise fans. tune in for some Tangent now. ‘302’ is released on Estranged Communications on April 20.