Favourite music of April 2021

Another month another list with my favourite music. This time of the shitty month April, just like last years shitty month April but now in 2021. BUT a craploud of incredible music was released, so check it out.

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Favourite tracks of May

Here we are slowly creeping towards the end of hopefully the one and only deadly wave of the virus, while life is crawling towards some sort of new normality their were also a lot of absolutely great releases in May. So I am going to list my favourits here for your pleasure.

Most of these track you can find on The Psychedelic List or The Heavy List.



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Favourite tracks of March

Ah March, beautiful March, the month in quarantine, the month of sickness, the beginning of the end of the word. You people were all so stressed out and buying toiletpaper that almost nobody came looking to my magnificent website. So I made a quick overview of the death month. This list is extremely cool, the bands that released music this month where again incredible so take your time and listen. really awesome stuff, I put some releases a bit bigger because they are so cool.

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Favorite tracks of February

I had the shits and the flu this month, I lost a couple of kilograms and directly after gained a couple extra, I worked, saw some live bands, bought the Grauzone EP with that gorgeous “EISBAER” track and listened to a crapload of good new music. It has been a ridiculously good month for music. You guys were probably to lazy to follow everything on here so here is a summary of February because I love you guys so much.


Best Of, new music

Favourite tracks of September


Not only my birthday is in September, it is also the month of the best released tracks of the year so far. September brought us a ridiculous amount of good music, especially in the noiserock department. So sit tight and listen check out the best of September.