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Australian noisepunkers KNT release first EP ‘Rock Never Die’

This is one of those bands that’s perfect for a hype. Their first track from this EP was called ‘Fix My Head’ and is just one bomb of energy and punkriffs and a free remix of the track. This Melbourne band now released their first EP called ‘Rock Never Die’ and it is so heavy in your face noise you can’t ignore it and it is an absolute blast. Superfast, Superloud, Supercool lyrics, everything is super.

Tune in for KNT.


new music

Australian noisepunkers KNT share “Fix My Head”

Straight from Melbourne comes the inyourfacenoisepunk band KNT. This is kind of a new band and they start in absolute style. Their first released track was called “Trippin” and was released last year in October and is full of energy, riffs and fun. The band seems to be doing something between metal, nu metal and punk and it is absolutely fun to listen too. Their new track “Fix My head” is really good and although not a fan of remixes this one of that track is really cool too. Impressive start of a band. If you are looking for noisepunk that is fun too than this could be your new favourite band!

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