Future Old People Are Wizards and Elefant split from RSD 2018

I don’t think I posted the split of these two Ghentian bands yet. Both are excellent live bands and always bring heavy and weird music, both are on bandcamp and it is very worth your time to check out their catalogue. Both are on The Big Belgian Noiserock List. 

The split Ep is called ‘TÜÜÜT’ and they just put it out on bandcamp, tune in for some weird stuff by Elefant and some heavy riffing by FOPAW.

new music

Future Old People Are Wizards

Now, hold your horses, there is not yet new music from FOPAW. But it is time for those who do not now Fopaw to take their heaphones and listen to them very intensely. These 3 people form a band from Ghent (Belgium) with a very unique sound. The synths in this heavy atmosperic rock band create a refreshing sound. Very soon we will hear new music from Future Old People Are Wizards, their new album ‘Peaces’ will be out May 25 on 9000 records (consouling).
Nele De Gussem (keys, vox, beauty, chaos)
Sylvester Vanborm (drums, motivation, sweetness)
Stijn Vanmarsenille (guitar, vox euhm that’s all)