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Italian psych FVZZ POPVI

The Italian heavy psychers FVZZ POPVLI released their second album “MAGNA FVZZ” October fith through Heavy Psych Sounds.
FVZZ POPVLI sounds like a mix between a 70’s garageband and Black Sabbath. Check them out now and buy the album.
Favorite track: Magna FVZZ
For more heaviness check Fuzzy Sun’s spotify.

Afbeelding kan het volgende bevatten: 3 mensen, baard en close-up


new music

Nearly Dead released “Something Stronger”

Now and then i crave for red filthy greasy meat, just like i crave for some dirty chaotic noisepunk now and then.
Nearly Dead can help with these cravings. Blast some them through your speakers. They released the new album “Something Stronger” on October 13.
Favorite track: Swing Sessions
Order all their Canadian Trash, this will make you happy, I promise!

Do as Dr. Shipman says and order something stronger! play loud!

new music

Heavy rockers Towanda

Out through te great Girlsville we get the 3 headed all female heavy rockers Towanda. Their Ep ‘Freak Of Nature’ will be released on April 6. We can listen to two released tracks. This thing forking rocks, full of distorted heavy riffs this is more than some simple garagerock. Mixing some sludge and punk in their EP this is need to listen.