Meatbodies to release ‘333’

Meatbodies is a really great garagerock band fronted by Chad Ubovich who played in Mikal Cronin’s backing band, bassist for Fuzz and I am very pleased to see we get a new album. The album ‘333’ will be released on the third of September. The LA trio has two tracks out: ‘Reach For The Sunn’ and ‘The Hero’ and the first one is almost five minutes of gorgeous fuzz and the latter is really happy summer psych.. Check it out now.


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Kookaburra release “Dry Eyes/White Mice”

The new album from Belgian garagerockers Kookaburra starts with the lead single ‘Dacelo Novaguineae‘ wich is a gorgeous fuzzfest, fastpaced garagepunk riffs and catchy vocals give thsi album a really awesome start. The album continues with a mix of catchy, happy garagerock and heavy fuzzed out garage. ‘Dry Eyes/White Mice’ is a big step up in sounds and songbuilding for Kookaburra, on this album they show their strength and how versatile they can be. Not Really difficult to guess wich tracks are my favourite because like most times I chose the heavy ones. Recorded by Thomas Valkiers in the Hightime Studio and will be released on December 10, 2020 on Resurrection Records (US), Gazer Tapes and digitally through Wagonmaniac Music.

Favourite tracks: Dacelo NovaGuineae, Hikikomori


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The Psychotic Monks release ‘Private Meaning First’

The Psychotic Monks released their new album ‘Private Meaning First’ and it is a gorgeous piece of work. The band has perfected their sound over the years and it feels like they have gotten where they wanted too. They blend noiserock and post punk throughout their album but it is the atmosphere that is the strongest, a dark and eerie atmosphere that feels epic.

This whole album feels cinematic, it feels like they have thought out every note and every sound carefully and have so created an album that directly kicks you in the feels.

The complete album is a triumph, from the heavy fuzzed out and noisy riffs to the dark atmospheric tracks.

‘Private Meaning First’ needs to be in your collection. Out on Fatcat Records.


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Kookaburra share new track/video ‘Thermodynamics’

Belgian Garagerockers Kookaburra are finally back with new music. Their upcoming album ‘Dry Eyes/White Mice’  out 10/12/’20 on Resurrection Records (US), Gazer Tapes and digitally through Wagonmaniac Music and they already shared the garagetrash track ‘Dacelo Novaguineae’ and now they shared the second one called ‘Thermodynamics’. The track is a fun and fuzzed out garagetrack , catchy and full of wild guitarwork. Two tracks in and this is sounding like a very promising album. This new Kookaburra is sounding better, harder and wilder. 

Tune in now 


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High energy garagerock Kookaburra

Belgian Garagerockers Kookaburra are finally back with the annoucement of a new album and a new track to check out. The new track ‘Dacelo Novaguineae’ is taken from their upcoming album ‘Dry Eyes/White Mice’ and shows a very strong Kookaburra, stronger then ever.

From their previous, almost jolly, garagerock Kookaburra is now channeling Frankie and the Witch Fingers and Osees through their music yet still own their fuzzed out wild sound. Prepare for very fuzzed out garagepunk. Theire is a new player on the field and they are called Kookaburra. Recorded by Thomas Valkiers in the Hightime Studio and will be released on December 10, 2020 on Resurrection Records (US), Gazer Tapes and digitally through Wagonmaniac Music.

Watch the very sportive video too.

Please, more of this!


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New music from The Psychotic Monks

Big fan of the French band The Psychotics Monks here. ‘Silence Slowly and Madly Shines’ still rings in my ears and now they have announced their new album ‘Private Meaning First’ wich will be released 27th November.

Now we get the new track ‘Closure’ wich may be the strongest of the Psychotiv Monks till now. Tune in for this postpunk, noiserock and psych ear-shattering track.


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Crazy japanese garagerock Bogus Killiers

I love this stuff from Japan man, all this stuff is more or less crazy, weird or goddamn loud. I made a really long list with Japanese noise and psych that you can check out here.  Now I came across this label called Kafadan Kontak Records, a diy record label and booking organization firm based in Istanbul and they released the album by Bogus Killers from Shinjuku, Tokyo Japan.

This is a really fun listen, this is nutty Japanese garagerock. Check it out now.


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Belgian Garagerocker The Crackups return with new single

Somewhere in Belgium is this Foursome that makes very heavy garage rock with lots of punk and heaviness. They released their two track album ‘FLOOR’ in 2019 and instantly showed the world that they are rocknroll. Now they released a new track called ‘Getting The Vibe’ wich is nicely produced and frikkin loud. More of this band please.




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Rotterdam Garagepunkers Knife Massage

On the Belgian rock label Belly Button Records comes the new EP by angry Rotterdam Garagerockers Knife Massage. Three short tracks but enough to give you a sonic orgasm. Knife Massage sounds like a lofi guitarfight going completely berzerk.



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Ty Segall release cover album “Segall Smeagol”

Ty Segall, the ever working rocker, has some free time on his hands due to the virus. So he decided to make covers of his favourite tracks of  Harry Nilsson.  So I can only say enjoy the fuzz yet again from Segall and Happy Pandemic Day to you! “Segall Smeagol” is released today and it is pretty frikkin great.

Ty Segall Releases New Harry Nilsson Covers EP: Listen | Pitchfork

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Garagerockers The Routes back with new music

The Routes released another good dose of garagepsych. The Japan based trio released “TUNE OUT SWITCH OFF DROP IN”. We can hear the full album! They also released a video for the track “Just How It Feels”.

The band pleases again with their vintage sounding rockin tunes on their new album. Ten tracks of groove fun just in time for christmas time with the family. Out on Groovie records.

The Routes are on “The Cosmic Side of Japan” with their music.

Tune in now and enjoy.


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The Psychotic Monks release video for ‘Every Sight’

The latest album by French heavyweight is called ‘Private Meaning First’ and is out on Vicious Circle Records. And now we get a video for the last track of the album thats about 16 minutes long.

Sometimes I am a bit put off to listen to tracks of such a length so its good this video is out because the track (and the whole album fo that matter) is absolutely brilliant. These guys put so much passion in their mix of heavy rock and noiserock with psychedelic elements. This track is again proof of that.

Tune in and take your time.

Listen – Buy:

Favorite track: A Coherant Appearance

Find them and more in Fuzzy Sun’s Heavy list.



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Premiere: The track ‘Landlord’ by Watergate Sandals

‘Presidential Bootleg’ is the upcoming album by Watergate Sandals, the band pulled all of their 20 recorded songs and put it on their new album ‘Presidential Bootleg’. On it we can find some newly remastered and never heard before recordings.
On ‘Presedential Bootleg’ we can hear the different genres the band made over the years, from noisy punkblues to garage and psych.
Today Fuzzy Sun premieres the track ‘Landlord’ from that album. A track that leans mostly toward garage an psychedelic rock.
With this album Watergate Sandels shows they can handle a lot of genres with ease. They possess a wild and feral energy that is really fun to listen to.
‘Presidential Bootleg’ will be released April 26 on Under The Counter Tapes.





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The Psychotic Monks release ‘Private Meaning First’

The french rockers The Psychotic Monks are back with a new album. This is one of those bands with their very own sound, a sound that can vary from bleak atmospheric rock to riff fueled chaotic noise rock. They released their first music in 2016 and the album after ‘Silence Slowly and Madly Shines’ is the one that hooked me. Shortly after they released the live set called “An Ascent to Confusion”. Gorgeous stuff.

Now it is time for the new album, the thing is called ‘Private Meaning First’. What really is great about that is that they do what they please, on their new album choas and post-punk influences thrive with here and their absolute killer riffs. ‘Private Meaning First’ is controlled chaos at its best. Out on Vicious Circle Records. Listen now!

Listen – Buy:

Favorite track: A Coherant Appearance

Find them and more in Fuzzy Sun’s Heavy list.



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Pink Room release ‘Zum Kotzen’

This week and even today, March 22 is a fabulous day for gritty music, there are a lot of new releases and all of them are pretty fucking spectacular. But do not be distracted from the real prize because today is the album release from the new Belgian noisepunker/garagetrasher Pink Room, the band that is storming the Belgian underground with their dirty music.

Their first LP is called ‘Zum Kotsen’ and is released on Zoe Zoe Records / Belly Button Records. The artwork is made by Valentine Gallardo.

The Ghentian trio plays the fun kind of garage/noiserock/punk, the dirty and gritty kind that you want to hear loud and, if possible, live. ‘Zum Kotsen’ is out and is as good as it is aggressive. Tune in now for some spectacular noise from Pink Room.

I give this album all the stars and it should be mandatory listening pleasure in each home.

Pre-order a vinyl at Belly Button Records on Bandcamp or drop a message to the new off-stream vinyl shop ZOEZOE Records in Gent (wich is filled with only the best stuff, so check them out).

Find Pink Room on The Big Belgian Noiserock list and on Fuzzy Sun’s Spotify






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‘ZAM’ by Frankie and the Witch Fingers is out today

The LA psychedelic garagerockers are making quite a name for themselves. Their latest releases where all really good. Their latest 7″ ‘Pleasure’ and ‘Drip/Tea’ showed the band growing in their sound.

With their new album ‘ZAM’ they have upped their game again and delivered an album full of fuzzy garage and absolute fun. Buy here.

Favorite track: Cobwebs

Check them out and more on Fuzzy Sun psych list.


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The Psychotic Monks to release Private Meaning First, share first track Confusion

There is something chaotic in the riff fueled music of The Psychotic Monks. The band makes this energetic noise that releases a bleak atmosphere. They released their first music in 2016, but it is the album after that really caught my interest, the album “Silence Slowly and Madly Shines” is package filled with angry energetic riffs.

Since then they released a Live set called “An Ascent to Confusion” wich was a magnificent work.

Now it is 2019 and the french band released a first new track called “confusion” from their upcoming album “Private Meaning First” wich will be released March  29.

Find them and more in Fuzzy Sun’s Heavy list.


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Exclusive Premiere: A new track by Sisters Of Your Sunshine Vapor

These Detroit psychedelic rockers don’t rest. In October 2017 they released their magnificent album “Lavander Blood” and soon after they began touring.

There are a lot of posts about SOYSV over the last two years on Fuzzy Sun. The reason is simple, their music has that extra pinch of originality and that always present psych vibe.

Now it is 2019 and SOYSV are ready to present a couple of new singles. Maybe you have heard their previous released single “All is Lust”. In this track you can hear the ‘typical’ sound of the band, the repetitive psychedelic tunes. A gorgeous track.

But now it’s time for the new track. The thing is called “Lilly Dust (She’s a Pariah)” and is energetic and maybe a bit different from the rest. The track starts acoustic with some nice vocals but that is not for long, the track explodes pretty quickly  in a energetic fun song.

The singles will be available via Space Camp Records January 18th. Listen now.

Check out SOYSV and more on Fuzzy Sun’s psych list.


January 2019 Italian Tour Dates

Jan 20 | Splinter Club, Parma, Italy

Jan 21 | Fanfulla 5/A circolo Arci, Rome, Italy

Jan 23 | New Magazine Pub, Massafra, Italy

Jan 24 | Pecora Nera Country Pub, Bari, Italy

Jan 25 | First Floor Club, Pomigliano d’Arco, Italy

Jan 26 | La Mancha, Ruvo di Puglia, Italy

Jan 27 | Godot Art Bistrot, Avellino, Italy

Jan 28 | Zeppelin Pub, Campobasso, Italy

Jan 29 | Moog Slow Bar, Ravenna, Italy

Jan 30 | Blah Blah, Turin, Italy

Jan 31 | Clock Tower Pub, Treviglio, Italy

Feb 01 | Cueva Rock Live, Cagliari, Italy

Sisters of Your Sunshine Vapor on Facebook

SOYSV 5.jpg

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Swedish four-Piece MaidaVale


The all-girl 4-piece band MaidaVale, the video “Gold Mine” is a recording in the studeio of TapeTown.

In March the band released their album “Madness is too Pure”.

On their album they blend garage and psychedelic rock creating an interesting sound that gets you hooked real fast. full of energy and cosmic vibes MaidaVale is a band to watch out for.

Check them and more out on Fuzzy Sun’s Psych List.


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