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‘Alien 3’ by Gary, Indiana

Gary, Indiana is slowly creeping up as one of my new favourite band. They have their fourth track out and it is again something that really resonates with me. For me Gary, Indiana makes very original music and they do what they please, they mix up post punk and noise and electronic music and whatever. This time they made a track called ‘Alien 3’ and is their most electronic track so far but good lord it rules. Check them out.

new music

Gary, Indiana release third track ‘Nike of Samothrace’

Gary, Indiana is a band that has only three tracks out yet but makes very original music, the duo from Manchester throws all kinda genres in their music and create their own sound and it fits all really good. And I am really glad to see that the third track is again a very good one. Very awesome bass lines and again cool vocals of Valentine. This is a very promising band and I really need more than these three track. Listen!

new music

Experimental second track by promising new band Gary, Indiana

I have told you a couple of times know that i am really in this experimental music, escpecially this experimental noiserock where the just push the bounderies of the genre, mixing it up with electronics, industrial, samples, psych and whatever. Gary, Indiana is such a band and a new band too, they are a duo from the UK and they already released their first track “Berlin” wich you can listen to here but now it is about their secodn released track called “Pashto” and this this does the trick for me. This I really like, switchen between industrial noiserock to uplifting electronic beats with some good vocals makes “Pashto” a very good track and makes this Gary, Indiana a very promising band for me. I really hope to hear a lot of stuff in the future from this duo.


new music

Robonoise: Noiserock with electronic influences

I noticed I really like it when bands experiment with sound, as a big noiserockfan I ofcourse go completely wild when these bands experiment with sound, especially with electronics. The difference between noiserock and industrial is small, I know, but I wil try  to leave Industrial mostly out of it.  So I will share some of my favourite releases, some with an obvious electronic influence and with others it is a bit more nuanced. Be sure to let me know wich ones deserve a place on here, I really want as much as possible on this list.


The leeds noiserockers released their album “Please” last year and ended pretty high on my end of the year list. Their sound is full of electronics wich makes their music even more nutty.

Girl Band

On the latest one of Girl Band the electronics are maybe a bit more nuanced but the techno piece in the middle of “Shoulderblades” track is absolutely brilliant and give me goosebumbs to this day.


Maybe not 100% noiserock but shuttlecock made a really cool album with “Simulation Assimilation” in 2006.

Gary, Indiana

This is a newer band but it is quite clear the band intents to make a marriage of noise rock and electronics.


This list would be nothing without the 90s band Brainiac.

Kim Gordon

On Kim Gordon’s first solo album “No Home Record” she experimented with a lot of different genres, and she succeeded wonderfully, This is a great record with a lot of different influences.

Shit and Shine

This is quite a band, Shit and Shine has released a bit of everything, I don’t know how many releases they had but it must be a crapload. The band has made pure electronic and acid albums but I wanted to share their latest called “Doing Drugs, Selling Drugs”. There is a lot of sampling and electronic in this album but most of all it is extremely heavy.


This is maybe not exactly fitting but I always do love me some Raketkanon, and since they called it quits they deserve a place on here. Their latest album is very much synth, so here it is.

Psychic Graveyard

Noise Rock pioneers, Eric Paul (Arab On Radar, Chinese Stars, Doomsday Student), Paul Vieira (Chinese Stars, Doomsday Student), and Nathan Joyner (Some Girls, All Leather, Hot Nerds) make really awesome industrial/electronic noiserock.

Duchess Says

The debut of Duchess Says was released in 2006 and deserves a place in here too. Keytars, Keyboards and whatever make this stuff pretty frikkin cool.


14 tracks about robot domination and human extinction? Released on Amphetamine Reptile Records in 1996? Yes, please.


This is some nutty music. Its sounds like the 80’s Thank. This is from their 1985 album “Wash & Slog”.


I don’t have a lot of info on this band but this EP, Jesus, this EP completely blow me to bits.

new music

Gary, Indiana

Gary, Indiana is from Manchester in the UK. The duo makes experimental noiserock with electronic influences and this is the stuff I love. I really really love it when bands experiment with noiserock and techno and Gary, Indiana does this with a really cool twist. Their first track is called “Berlin” and is a great start from a new band. I had the luck of hearing the next single wich will be released soon and it only gets better. So tune in and check them out now.