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Swedish heavy psych GÅS

It is a real shame the 7″ by the new swedish band GÅS is sold out because it is a true beauty of vintage heavy psych. Their music is released on Rocket Recordings since October 30.

The good news is that you can listen to the two tracks. Tune in now and enjoy some absolutely gorgeous Psych.

new music

Fuzzy Sun essentials updated with Reptoid, GÅS and Metz

I have this small list with my absolute favourite artist since I started Fuzzy Sun something about five years ago. I try to keep it small and with only the stuff that completely blew me away. So I decided to add the mighty Reptoid to the list. Reptoid is Jordan Sobolew. Reptoid is a one man noiserock deity. Reptoid is pure, raw, industrial tinged heaviness. ‘WORSHIP FALSE GOD’ is the new album by Reptoid. Check out his album and check out Fuzzy Sun essentials and listen a bit on the spotify list if you are bored.

Second addition is the Swedish GÅS, a fairly new band that just released a 7″ on Rocket Recordings. The is Heavy Psych/ Spacre rock from the highest order.

And Finally a track from the new Metz, wich was a bit hard because I wanted an older track but the new one is soo good so maybe I will Change my mind later on but one thing is for sure, Metz need to be on Fuzzy Sun essentials.

new music

Swedish heavy psych GÅS release new music on Rocket Recordings

Now and then Rocket Recordings hits the perfect spot for me and they did exactly that with this Swedish band that I never heard of before. GÅS will release their 7″ on October 30 on Rocket Recordings. The track that is up for a listen is called ‘Epitaph’ and is gorgeous heavy psych with a vintage feel. A truly remarkable track with gorgeous vocals. Check it out now.