Album Stream: Territorial Gobbing & BlackCloudSummoner – Heavier Than A Desk In The Factory

Leeds noise terorrist Territorial Gobbing (who also makes noises for Thank) has an immense output of brain destroying noisestuff wich you can check out at his bandcamp if you like to get a sonic beating. But that is not what we are her for at the moment. We are here to listen to the full album stream ahead of release of Teritorrial Gobbing and BlackCloudSummer. BlackCoudSummer is a harsh noise artist from Nottingham. Together they made ‘Heavier Than A Desk In The Factory’ wich is clearly influenced by the mysterious Japanese band Les Rallizes Denudes. If you are in to Japanoise you can check ‘The Cosmic Side of Japan‘ too

Self-recorded and engineered at abcdefg, the three track album will be available on limited editioncassette and download from NIM in the U.S. (Nim-Brut), and Outsider Arts in the U.K. (Outsider Art)

The three tracks are really good, the first track captures the soul of the noise that Les Reallizes Denudes created so long ago and gives the three track album a tranquil start. ‘Peaches and Crayons’ is more eerie and ends with a retro horror noise feel. ‘Playing All My Black Dice Records At The Same Time’ is in your face scary noise.

‘Heavier Than A Desk In The Factory’ is split in three different parts, each of them conveying a different feeling. Tune in for the eerie atmosphere now.


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Experimental musician LINGUA IGNOTA share O Ruthless Great Divine Director

By know you probably know the experimental artist LINGUA IGNOTA wich has released some pretty awesoem material in her own name as well in the band Sightless Pit. She creates a blend of classical music, industrial and noise. This does not really fit entirly on Fuzzy Sun but I love how far she takes the music and creates something really extraordinary.  So tune in and enjoy.

If you are into a bit more hardcore sounds then this next thing will be right up your alley. Some celebs shared covers of the “Imagine” track and this was the response of Lingua Ignota.

Check out her previous release “CALIGULA” while you are here.



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Austrian Underground: Epileptic Media

Austria, home of a Milka Chocolate factory, home of more then 90 lakes, home of the sachertorte, birthplace of Arnold Schwarzenegger, designers of the most incredibel camper Marchi Mobile but also the home of Andreas, the founder of Epileptic Media, a label for all kinds of weirdo music (some reasonably normal ones too). The label was born somewhere in 2009 and I want to share some of the music that is on the label. Very important to mention is that Andreas makes most of the artwork wich is absolutely stunning and I will drop a pic of those here and there.

Andreas is also a part of Omega World Order wich has stunning merch.

I am going to start with the most recent release and work my way down. Prepare yourself for some pretty cool music.






States of Clay

Seven experimental tracks on this album that is called “Jona Dares”. From dreampop to no wave to noiserock all in one album! I have to say though that the track “Ashes to the Ground” is an absolutely amazing track and you need to hear it.

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Mozo Mozo, Walser, Nadeshda, Didi Kern & Philipp Quehenberger

A 4-Way split is always awesome. Mozo Mozo gives us experimental jazznoise, Walser takes it a bit more easier with 13 minutes of ambient drone and then Nadesha unleashes 15 minutes of eerie ambient. Then 16 tracks by Didi Kern & Philipp Quehenberger of a something I have no idea how to describe.


On “Found + Lost” Marloe delivers some really nice soundscapes and experimental techno tracks. “B02 Artificial” my favourite track of the thing.


Oort Cloud

we got an experimental one again. This time Oort Cloud gives us  soundscapes and experimental bleeps.

Puke Puddle

Intens eerie industrial sounds by Puke Puddle on the latest “Detox”


SE Mustard Terrorist

Very creepy futuristic electronic punk loop noise. This is probably already a genre but I baptize this music Floop music.


The Mild

Aha! here we have something else, something thats sounds a bit as if a posthardcore dude got kicked in the face by a death meatel drum machine that only listen to grindcore.


Still in the noiserock/grindcore/weird spectrum is Tsujigiri who released “Demoh!” in 2015.


Dirt Deflector

We have reached a very strange moment in the timeline of Epileptic Media. its seems the label released a very normal and cool sounding band wich can be described simply as stoner.

Henry Fonda

Another spastic grindcore powerviolence band. Please turn very loud to enjoy this.





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bleak noise and strange stuff on The Estranged Communications label

Sorry in advance for this post, it is filled with nightmarsh noise and tinnitus inducing sounds, but hey, it is time for something different.

Most of you weirdos will probably have heard of the label that’s called Estranged Communications, but i did not.

And i can’t seem to find much info about it either, but this label specializes in the weird stuff, the stuff for those dark, tormented lost souls.

One of the first things the label posted is a Live execution from Bloated Subhumans wich is a somewhat obscure noise/industrial band. the second release is also by Bloated Subhumans and again a live edition.

After this it is a release by Commodity Fetishism, wich in my opninion, is even scarier and more noise than Bloated Subhuman. This is a bit much for me, not really my cup of tea.

But now it is getting interesting, we are getting closer to the more listenable music. Meet Tangent with their EP fit. This is an ominous sounding postpunk/industrial EP wich is actually pretty cool.

While things were getting interesting, Bloated Subhuman surfaces again with a live recording, so if you don’t mind I am going to skip it and get to Janedriver wich is again something completely different. This is bleak noisy shoegaze music with some dreamy vocals.

And while the label grows, the stuff is getting better and stronger. Next up is a Philadelphia thrash band ZORN and its pretty fucking great.

Almost at the end of the list we come across a Russian band. One with a heavy sound. the hardcore/punk band Петля delivzers powerful and agressive tunes.

To end the list their is an upcoming release, from various artists. TBD, BLOATED SUBHUMANS, and TAIWAN HOUSING PROJECT are on this live recording.

So if you love the bleak harsh noise  or you’re more into noiserock, postpunk and the likes the Estranged Communication is something for you.



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A closer look at Ratskin Records

Ratskin Records collects noise , Industrial, electro-Acoustic, Grind, EBM, Synth Music, Soundtrack, harsh noise, a tonal, art projects. So understand, before listening, this is the diehard stuff and will possible completely destroy your hearing and leave an everlasting beeeeeeeeep. have a great time! Check out the bancamp page for more fun stuff.