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Landing / Headroom Split LP

Landing was formed in 1998 by married couple Aaron and Adrienne Snow. Their music is dreamy and gives a kind of rest, it sooths the soul.

Headroom started in 2016 by Kryssi Battalene of noise project Colorguard and the band Mountain Movers (wich ended on my 2018 end of the year list).

Together these two bands made a split EP and it is actually everyhting you could hope for. The soft, dreamy vibes from landing and the psychedelic tunes from Headroom.

But if I am honest it is the guitar from Headroom that really makes this LP special for me. How the screething guitar, the noise, fits soo perfectly in the  calm and soothing music is beyond me. I can play this and just lay on the floor do nothing and absolutely love this piece of music.

new music

Landing / Headroom Split LP

Again a nice surprice for the beginning of July. We get the first track of the split EP by Landing and Headroom. This first song is called ‘Seen’ and is gorgeous, it is a very trippy psychedelic song with strong Kraut influences. This LP will be released July 17. Check out the first track.

new music

Experimental psych on the new Headroom

Headroom is back with the new EP “New Haven”. On this EP you will find guitar sounds from the magical realm between noise and psych.

Kryssi Barralene, who is also a member of Mountain Movers, wich ended on my Top 2019 list creates gorgeous atmospheres on this three track EP.

Released February 8 on  Ever/Never Records.


new music

Dire Wolves/Headroom split

I did not have time to listen to this split and from what i have heard it was a pretty good one.

The split starts off with the track “The Process of Weirding Out” from the San Francisco space band. A easygoing track with spacey tunes and good singing. It is mostly the atmosphere that makes their three tracks so good, the psychedelic vibe on the soft tracks is excellent and brings you in the perfect mindset.

Headroom is quite amazing, the band brings guitar noise and psychedelica in perfect balance on their three tracks. I think i might be addicted to “Aomidori”.

This is an excellent split album with a superb vibe.