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New album coming from Belgian rockers Heisa

The Belgian rockers Heisa are ready to release their album ‘joni’. This first full album will be out on May 15 through Mayway Records. The band has released three songs from that album wich show they havbe stepped up their game. The band is difficult to describe and that is their strength too, the music they make is heavy, very varied and atmospheric. Tune in and check them out.

new music

Dump #23 – Covid style

I can’t really follow anymore, their is too much, so when it’s to much I dump it. And now I dumped it Covid Style. This is number 23, a lot of different genres all in one frikken list.


ATX noisebands Transfixr, Shiv and rocker Jim Mathias try give it a try under the name Bullnose. Check out their latest two tracks here.


This is a remaster of “Si Nihil Aliud” from 2004 that will be released on vinyl on Bigout records.

The K.

Fancy looking at half a dude that is half dressed for  three minutes? well you are in luck, the Belgian rockers The K. have released their second track and video called “Shit Day” from their upcoming album “Amputate Corporate Art” that will be released April third.


“Black Milk Celebration Day” is top notch fuzzy garage rock perfectly for all your corona pains. Tune in and rocknroll.

The Fight

NY hardcore band The Fight shared a couple of dirty tracks from their upcoming album “Endless Noise”.

Rid of Me

Four tracks of raw punk are comming our way from the Pennsylvania trio Rid of Me.


A basement recorded garagepunk album called “Medusa Pond” by the NY band Spyrodon. Noisy fun made for you.

Kosmic City Friends Vol. 1

A various artists compilation is always fun. these are mostly psychpop tunes. A bit softer is okay now and then. Enjoy.


Belgian rockers Heisa are back with new music. On April 24 their new album “joni” will land. This is their first track/vid from that album.

Heckel & Jeckel

“Welcome in Crow crasti nation” is the new EP by angry rockers Heckel & Jeckel. The riff fueled beast is out on Pogo Records. check them out now.


Uk duo Export makes dirty, agressive music. A mix of trap and noise. perfect for waking up on a monday morning. get your slap in the face with the new track from Export.

Lucid Grave

“Goddess of Misery” will be out April 4th on Virkelighedsfjern. The first psychedelic doom track “Innocent Killer” is up for a listen now.

Cosmic Monster

“Some Thing Out There” is the new EP by instrumental rockers Cosmic Monster. Two tracks that show a really cool combi of noiserock and psych.

Stella Splendens

Florida rockers Stella Splendens return with new music. Their new EP “Chromatophore” is a nice between post punk and noisy rock. Tune in now.


With Flagman I got the same vibes like i listen to a metal album when I was sixteen, wanted to jump around like a ridiculous dilde semi-trashing the place but still being careful not the break anything of your stuff. Flagman sounds like a mix between nu metal and exotic dancing pop.

The Velvoids

This Greek psych duo originated in 2003, made two EPs, released their debut in 2004, then going on hiatus to return in 2007 and has released a lot of stuff since then. Now you can order the new album “Mother” by the Velvoids here, out March 27, 2020. Check out the track “Let it Breathe”.

Dead Lucid

The Chicago rockers released their “Desolation” Ep wich is a nice blend of postpunk and psych.

Teen Mortgage

<insert good commentary about loud music here>

J A V A 

“Implode / Explode” is the new album by Tel Aviv band J A V A. Expect some fuzzed out psych.


Chesterfield rockers Blanchard will release their new EP “Holy Shit” on the first of May. Check out their first track  “Holy Shit pt. 1” here.









new music

Heavy Dump #21

First month of 2020 is almost over and I have only released one dump. So this one is urgent and important that is why it is a heavy one. Check out all this stuff on Heavy Dump #21.


The German Sludge/noise band Gorgonoisid released their new album “IV” on January 13, 2020. For fans of cement mixers on acid.


Swedish heavy doom/sludge band Kråkslott released their selftitled on January 17. Everyone with a long beard will like this.


Angry noisepunk by French Band Vatours. New album out January 10. Angry music for angry people. And nice people too. And others. It’s music you know, it’s for everyone.

Deaf Club

Agressive hardcore punk on the new Deaf Club “Contemporary Sickness”. Need to stay awake? Need adrenaline but forgot your drugs at home, listen to some Deaf Club.

Cybernetic Witch Cult

Fuzz, Doom and psych from UK trio Cybernetic Witch Cult. Their latest album “Absurdum ad Nauseam” was released in December last year.

Blood Built Empire

Their new album “Fractured” is loud, in your face and filled with awesome riffs.

Asbestos Worker

“Dead EndTown” is dirty and gritty, like a bag of cement playing the guitar. Not for the faint of heart.

Insekt Ark

Second single from their upcoming album “The Vanishing” wich will be out 28 February. Slow, brooding heaviness best served in complete darkness.


Belgian trio Heisa returns with new music from their upcoming album “Joni” wich will be released April 24. Check out the track “Let Go”. Heisa always delivers incredibly cool music and mostly a bit weird too wich is nice, yes.

Goblin Smoker

“A Throne in Haze, a World Ablaze” is the upcoming album by doom/stoner band Goblin Smoker. Thus second part of the “Toad King” Trilogy will be released February 7. Just like the name this is an really good band.



new music


Did you hear there is a new TOOL song out? Yeah, everyone heard, but what you probably don’t know is the latest album by the Belgian rockers HEISA.  Their latest self titled album is filled with distorted vocals, psychedelic passages, heavy drums and riffs. Their songs are rich and complex, full of different layers. and yes, it has a tool vibe in it. get to know them fast. This is an album you can relisten many times.
Watch their brand new videoclip and listen to the intense sound that is HEISA.