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Splixtape: a compilation featuring Prana Crafter, Ragenap, Tarrotplane and Horse Apples

Hypnic Jerk Tapes is a pretty new tapelabel and it caught my attention through Prana Crafter who released his gorgeous album “Enter The Stream” last year. Wich ended on my best of list of 2018 too.

The tape starts with two tracks of Prana Crafter too, the two tracks channel nature and psych on a magnificent level. Prana Crafter never disappoints.

The other three bands i am not familiar with, so it’s great to get to know new musicians. Ragenap delivers a very nice 13 minute track with mellow guitar tunes ending in ambient wildness.

Tarrotplane and Horse Apples go for 13 minutes of cosmic sounds. This is a great day, today i learned about a new label and 3 new artists that bring the cosmic sound closer to home.

check them out.

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