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This Is Wreckage release “I DON’T LIVE, I EXIST” on Forbidden Place Records

Dear Noise Rock Fans, This Is Wreckage is here with a new album that you can pre-order. The beast is called “I DON’T LIVE, I EXIST”.  The Cardiff rockers blend noiserock, postpunk and chaos together and create some nasty stuff. The album is raw and fast, vocals angry and the bass is downright brilliant. I am sure this will be a please to hear for everyone with even a little bit of a music taste. Tune in to hear This is Wreckage new album out on the great Forbidden Place Records and pre-order it on their bandcamp.

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new music

This Is Wreckage release new track

It is really cool to see this name pop up again after quite a while. In 2013 This Is Wreckage released their album “Q.Y.C” and it was in the early beginning of Fuzzy Sun I believe I posted this. So I am glad to share their new track “Wolfhead” wich comes from their upcoming album “I don’t live, I don’t exist” to be released on Forbidden Place Records.

The track is raw, loud and noisy and promises for more good stuff. Tune in and turn u)p loud.

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