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Here, some videos for you

Videos are pretty fun right? No? yes they are, here are some that you can watch. It’s from good bands.

new music

Igorrr release “Spirituality and Distortion”

You might say that Igorrr does not fit at all on Fuzzy Sun and you are probably right but honestly, I love Igorrr with their crazy over the top weirdness. When I heard them first with their 2012 album “Hallelujah” and I was so happy I discovered this french weirdos. They mix up their metal with al kinds of strange stuff, from breakcore to baroque-like music. Ok, honestly, some tracks are a bit too gothic for me but sometimes they are just absolutely fun to listen too. Their video of “Very Noise” might as well be the best music video I have seen in years too. Now decide for yourself if classical baroque, breakcore, gothic and death metal belong together in one song. Enjoy “Spirituality and Distortion”.


new music

Heavy Dump #22

Couple of very awesome heavy bands in a little list. ranging from destructive noiserock to Death Metal with a twist. Check them out and have fun kids!


“very Noise” was the first track by werdo french metal band Igorrr, now they shared their second track “Parpaing” from their upcoming “Spirituality and Distortion”. It seems the band focuses in this album on death metal and weirdo electronic mishmash. On their previous track “Very Noise” they have made quite possibly the best video ever.


“Twitching, as Prey” will be the second album by Louisiana sludge band Woorms. Destructive and heavy noise made for angry people. Tune in for some new tracks.


Goblinsmoker delivers bone crushing, soul drenching doommetal on their new EP “A Throne in Haze, a World Ablaze”. A band that has it all, a perfect bandname, perfect artwork and, good lord, those riffs. Tune in now.


Terrorized noisesludge from Hell, eum, I mean Italy. Tune in for their very hellish album “Miasma”.


A new single by New York hardcore metal band Nerveshatter. Tune in for the track “Homecoming”.

Today is the Day

“Burn In Hell” Video is from the forthcoming TODAY IS THE DAY “No Good To Anyone” album, set for release February 28th, 2020.

Gouge Away

Florida heaviness Gouge away release new track “Consider” wich will be on the 7″ on March  20 through Deathwish.

Carnivorous Bells

On February 13, 2020 the Philadelphia band Carnivorous Bells released their debut album “The Upturned Stone”. Prepare yourself for an agressive dose of dirty punk and experimental prog.

Human Impulse

Hardcore/punk/noiserock Minneapolis band Human impulse released their first single from their upcoming self titled album wich will be released February 28. Check the first aggressive track “Behind Your Back” now.






new music

French experimental weirdness Igorrr is back

I shared Igorrr a couple of times on Fuzzy Sun wich is maybe a bit atypical but I just love the band.The combination of metal, drum and bass, opera, strange folk and you know whatever just brings me joy. Every time they come with something different and each times for some strange reason it works. “Savage Sinusoid” was released in 2017 and was like french circusmusic mixed with black and death metal. This time its hard to tell what the full album will bring because it is only one track yet. The track “Very Noise” is a combi of electronics and heavy riffs and trippy basslines. The track is taken from the album “Spirituality and Distortion” wich will be released March 27.

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