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Hollow Ship release “Future Remains” on PNKSLM

Hollow Ship produced their album together with Mattias Glavå(bans like Dungen, …), they called it “Future Remains” and it is out now on Punk Slime Recordings. The album is an original take on psychedelic music, It is like a futuristic version on psychedelic pop. The floaty vocals, tribal rythms and the sharp electrical guitar make this album come perfectly together. The Gothenburg band made a sunny feel good psych album and it feels refreshing and is a really nice listen. Tune in now


new music

Hollow Ship to release “Future Remains” on PNKSLM

The Gothenburg band Hollow Ship will release their debut album “Future Remains” on Punk Slime Recordings on April 3. This band (with Mattias Glavå from Dungen, …) makes something quite unique, the base for the music is psychedelic rock but the overal vibe is something new and it is excellent and refreshing. The first two tracks are out and they sound really good, they sound happy and filled with hazy fun. Very interested in what the rest will sound like. Tune in and listen to some Hollow Ship.

Afbeelding kan het volgende bevatten: 2 mensen, berg, lucht, wolk, buiten en natuur

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STADT release ‘There is/Nothing Twice’

The Belgian band Stadt released their new album ‘The is/Nothing Twice’ and it is a beauty. STADT deals in psychedelic tinged music, but the band can shift from indie to chaotic space rock on the same song. This is an album that needs intense listening and where you can find new layers and genres with each listen.

Afbeelding kan het volgende bevatten: 4 mensen


new music

Surf/garagerockers Bad Hoo released ‘What is When’

Somewhere in British Colombia we find the fuzzy surf/garagerockers Bad Hoo. The 4-piece released their new album ‘What is When’.

Their new tunes are filled with fuzzy joy, surf vibes and psychedelic vibes. Tune in for some feel good rock now!

Favorite track: Banana Splat

new music

New track/vid ‘Nazo Nazo’ by Kikagaku Moyo

“Masana Temples” is the new album by the Japanese psych band Kikagaku Moyo.  A while ago they released their first tracks “Gatherings” and “Dripping Sun”.
Now it is time for the last track “Nazo Nazo” before their album release on October five. The album will be released on The guruguru brain.
On the new track they show their softer side, a hazy psychedelic pop track with that typical sound. “Masana Temples” is very high on my list and should be on yours to.
For more psych check out FuzzySun’s spotify.